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Every business owner faces a time of expansion of their company and eventually has to figure out how much office space they’ll need. Expansion really is a good thing, but it is a process which requires extra effort and thought. Whether it’s because of a relocation, or simply a restructure of existing space, you have to have a thorough plan to execute a perfect expansion. With reorganizing, you can save a lot of money and improve your public image if your business involves personal contact with customers. So, here are some important tips to consider when you decide to expand your office:

5 Things To Consider When Expanding Office Space


One of the most important qualities of a company is the ability to communicate. Talk with managers and other key employees about the expansion beforehand. Have a direct approach – you can receive input from all employees if you hand them out surveys and see who comes up with the best and most affordable ideas. You need to make sure that the new space will be linked exactly the same way as the existing ones. The layout has to be practical and improve circulation between employees.

Hire a professional space planner

Find a reliable architect or a space planner. You can ask business associates, friends and colleagues for recommendations. Don’t be hasty – take your time to find proper references and choose the right person for your office expansion. It will help a lot in your future endeavors. These kind of projects are not to be taken lightly. A professional can save you a huge amount of money in saved workload.

Future expansion

Never squeeze into a new facility that doesn’t allow expansion in the distant future. There’s nothing wrong in thinking a little ahead – take this into consideration as you plan the current one. You never know when your business will grow so room for additional employees and equipment is a must. Also, take into account any specific projects. If you have temporary workers or consultants, you may just need to ride out the storm and make minor adjustments until you’re back on track.

Consider relocating

If your company has more than one office location, examine how much space is available at your other offices. Maybe you can move some of your employees or a team to another building. Do you have any team members who can work remotely? Instead of taking on a second property, invest in new technologies to make communicating with off-site workers easier.

Rethink existing space

If you’re thinking of expanding your working space, it doesn’t always have to mean going bigger. You can just optimize the amount of usable space you already have. Think about how well your office uses the space. Any rooms that aren’t used on a daily basis, like conference rooms can be turned into new offices. Rearranging your layout and adjusting the shared workspace of some employees will give you more room. Also – take a look at all of the stuff you have. If your office has no means for expansion, you can make more room by getting rid of things you don’t need by hiring storage solutions Sydney. You will keep them safe from harm and you will be able to access them if you ever need them again.


Your business doesn’t have to suffer a huge loss of money whenever you’re feeling a little claustrophobic! With these tips you will surely be able to optimize your working conditions and improve your staff’s productivity. All it needs is a little time to think it through and a little effort to make a perfect plan.