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Research has proven that allowing pets in the workplace lowers stress levels for both the pet owners and their beloved animal companions. Here are five unique ways to make your workplace a welcoming spot for pets:

5 Clever Ways To Create A Pet-Friendly Environment In The Office

Create a dedicated playroom in a spare room or office.

If your business has the space, create a doggy room complete with ball pit, chew toys, and plenty of room for pets to roam around. The playroom can double as a spot to safeguard dogs when visitors who are allergic to pets come to visit or when repair crews are going in and out of the front door.

Install a cat tree in a quiet corner.

If cats are prevalent in your workplace, install a deluxe cat tree with multiple platforms and cubby holes. The kitties will love climbing and scratching their claws on the carpeted surfaces, and they’ll be less likely to jump on desks and bookshelves.

Give every pet a title and a job description.

To really include furry, scaly, and short-haired pals in the workplace, make them all official employees. Have a separate H.R. file for all critters, noting pet names and their various silly occupations. Include their “hiring” dates so you can give out annual certificates of attendance. When clients come to call, they’ll get a kick out of being introduced to your calico “CEO of Feline Relations.”

“Pay” employees’ pets in kibble and catnip.

If your budget will allow it, pay workplace pets by including weekly or bi-weekly vouchers or Petsmart coupons for pet food in your employees’ compensation packages. If finances are stretched thin, pet store gift certificates in smaller amounts will also be appreciated. Or, create a bonus plan by choosing a pet employee of the month, and reward each month’s winner with appropriate pet products.

Schedule pet health days.

Make your pet-owning employees’ lives easier by arranging for a local vet to visit your business to administer vaccinations and conduct well checkups. If you schedule a vet visit every 6 months, workplace pets will have their health needs met without having to make the scary trip to the veterinarian’s office. Your employees won’t have to take as much time off from work for extra vet visits, either.

Once you allow pets in the workplace, you’ll think up plenty of fun ways to make the office a friendly spot for furry pals. Don’t forget to hold occasional meetings where pet owners and non-pet owners can discuss their ideas and concerns.