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Last year was a complete and utter right off, working from home, keeping away from our family and friends and no holidays. I’m not sure how anyone got through it, but we are now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We can now go see our family and friends, we are back in the office and we can go on a few little jolly holidays if you are lucky enough. Well the time has come to start getting your stuff together for the big holiday but you could be missing some essential pieces that you should bring on any of your travels, which will be a big travelling mistake, so in this article, we will go through men’s top travel essentials.

Travel Pillow 

A travel pillow is essential to make any point in travelling that little bit extra comfortable. Whether you are on a long haul flight, a rickety coach ride or even a ferry across the sea, a travel pillow will help to keep your journey snug. They help with neck and upper back pain and can make all the difference to your experiences. 

Eye Mask

An eye mask is another key item to have on your travels as this can seriously increase the quality of sleep that you have. If you are travelling, you won’t always be guaranteed the best sleep if you are in a hostel so this will really help with that. They can also be used on your journey there such as on a plane. Although you may sometimes get one with a flight, it is always best to have one already. 

Compression Socks

Compression socks encourage the blood to circulate around the legs to prevent blood clots and to help your feet stay awake. These are essential when on long flights over 4 hours. You will be surprised how comfy they are when you put them on as they will keep you all snug when on your flight. If compression socks aren’t your thing, then you can opt for compression tights when they look like sports leggings and will do the same job. 

Ear Plugs

No matter if you are a heavy sleeper or a lite sleeper you will certainly need some earplugs on your travels, especially if you are going to be staying in hostels or shared accommodation. Wearing earphones will get you so far, but if you want a night’s sleep then earplugs are certainly something to consider. If you are struggling to fit them in your ear, then opt for some gel earplugs as they can mould to the shape of your ears. 


Having a notebook on your travels is a fantastic way to keep track of what you have been doing, child on ideas that you have whilst you are on your travels or even just to doodle when you are on a journey. No matter what you use it for, you will be glad you brought it with you. 

Journey Entertainment

Long haul flights or coach rides are not the nicest things to be doing, but the destination will certainly be worth it in the end. But to pass the time, it’s best to have some sort of entertainment for your travels. There are a few options to choose from. Firstly, you can bring a book but it may get damaged on the way. Alternatively, you could get a waterproof kindle as that will ensure it doesn’t get damaged and you can have as many books as you want in one place. The other option is to get an iPad Mini where you can play games, watch movies, listen to music and also read a book. 

Portable Charger & Cables

No matter how good your phone battery is, it is inevitable that you will run out of battery at some point when you really need it. Having a portable charger for all your devices will ensure that you have enough battery to last until you are at a PowerPoint. This will ensure that you have all the entertainment you need when you are on the flight. 

Warm Clothing

If you have a few modes of transport to get, the chances are you are going to be travelling in the evening at some point. It definitely gets cold most places in the evening so opt for a men’s full tracksuit as this will help to keep you warm throughout the evenings and will also be really comfy for when you are on your long journeys. 

Travel Pouch

If you are travelling on a coach, aeroplane or train, then you will have to ensure that you need a little pouch where you can fit it in your seatback pocket. This can hold everything that you think you will need such as your entertainment, earplugs, eye mask and travel pillow. This will save you from having to get up halfway through your journey to get something at the bottom of your bag.