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A campaign is being launched the Department of Education in America in association with Teach for America, Microsoft, Teachers Union, Advertising Council, Educational groups and others. This public service campaign is named as ‘Teach’ which will recruit top students of America.

This campaign will help in improving the Education system as the new generation of teachers would be generated out of this campaign. The campaign will try to change the minds of the people regarding teaching as several students do not like to take up teaching as a profession once they graduate out of colleges.

It will try to present teaching career as important as career in other divisions like engineering and medicine. It will motivate students through radio announcements and television promos teaching as a lucrative and purposeful career. It is estimated by the Department of Education that in the coming 4 to 6 years around one million teachers would leave and retire. Therefore the need of the hour is to be ready with another generation of teachers so that there is no shortage of such educators in the coming future.

The promotional video spots have actors portraying as teachers and voice over of Taylor Mali, who was into teaching profession and earlier and now a poet. These videos show the dedication of teachers and their passion for teaching. In one of the videos, a teacher is shown standing in waist deep water teaching with an iPad in hand and students watching over the shore.

Another one shows attractive papier-mâché planets being used by the teacher to make the science lesson on solar system interesting along with technology based education. Inspiring and motivational voice overs are being used to induce respect and passion for the teaching career and to instil faith in the students about teaching so that they can take it up as a career.

Secretary of Education, Ame Duncan said in a telephonic conversation that through this campaign they not just want to change the teaching system but also calls for an amazing change to take place. He wants more and more college graduates to take up teaching after they graduate specially students who have maths and science as their subjects and those who top their colleges and universities. He wants that the blacks as well as the Hispanics to come and join the teaching system. He wants to improve the nation’s public schools to recruit teachers who are fully qualified and capable.