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A per a recent research work it has been found that parents who set stricter and firmer rules such as Television watching, setting a fixed dinner time, maintaining proper physical activities tend to grow children with healthier weight and are more fit than the ones who don’t.

As per author Pauline Jansen, parents who have laid down steady rules for their children tend to have children who have a slightly lower BMI which is better for the child.

Both the fathers as well as mothers who have been enforcing proper and strict instructions had a very clear and similar effect on the weight of their children, regardless of their own weight. This was found out by a researcher at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Jensen.

There were also several programs set which was basically aimed for getting both parents and children and that they would get health conscious, plus they also talked about different ways of parenting styles which would be effective.

In the United States one of the chief problems relating to children is childhood obesity and is a prevailing and troubling health issue. In US around 17% of children who are aged between 2 to 19 tend to be suffering from obesity problem. As stated by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention obesity is quite hazardous and may tend to increase or commence joint issues, raise the blood pressure, increases body fat or cholesterol, makes one diabetic and has other issued online in the journal Pediatrics which dealt with the issue of parental consistency.

As per researcher Jansen, parental consistency as accessed by them did not deal with everyday lifestyle customs and routine, rather it was a more global term. It means or refers to the point or degree to which parents aptly set guidelines and must ensure that they are being consistently being followed by their child. Through this habit of global consistency, the child will definitely receive a positive BMI feedback.

Basically BMI is the total measurement of the fat of the body which takes into account both, the weight and the height. If parents start paying attention towards these minute everyday details, this would definitely bring richer and healthier benefit for their child. Obesity has been an ongoing and affecting issue in the United States, and parents who have kept a check on their children, have received richer benefits for sure.