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Less than a week after the release of iOS 11 beta 3 , Apple has released iOS 11.4 beta 4 for iPhone and iPad. In addition to the version for developers, there is also a public beta that everyone can try out.

New in iOS 11.4

iOS 11.4 includes two features that Apple already announced in 2017: iCloud Messaging synchronization and AirPlay 2 support. Both functions should have been in the original version of iOS 11, but they are getting slowed down. The iOS 11.3 betas also tested it, but even then these options did not reach the finish line.

Furthermore, iOS 11.4 contains a new ClassKit framework, aimed at educational apps for educational institutions. For owners of the iPhone 8 (Plus) there is a new PRODUCT (RED) -wallpaper, which of course matches nicely with the new red iPhone 8 (Plus) . Also for HomePod owners there are some novelties in iOS 11.4: the smart speaker would henceforth offer support for the Agenda app, something which also appears from the installation process of the HomePod. In it suddenly pops up the Agenda icon.

Despite the fact that iOS is known as safe, security and hacking companies are constantly finding ways to circumvent Apple’s security measures. From iOS 11.4 this should be a lot more challenging for hackers, because in it the company introduces a new function: USB Restricted Mode.

USB Restricted Mode

With the iOS 11.4 function USB Restricted Mode, discovered by Elcomsoft, it should be much more difficult to collect data from locked iOS devices. If an iPhone or iPad has run more than 7 days without being unlocked, the Lightning port can only be used for charging: data transfer is then no longer possible.

This is bad news for governments, security companies and hackers, who use the Lightning port to read data. They now have up to 7 days to unlock an iOS device using known techniques, such as a logical acquisition or a brute force attack.

The New iOS 11.4 Feature Makes It More Difficult To Hack An IPhone

These techniques use hackers to make unlimited access code attempts to unlock the device. With a code of only four digits they do not need more than a few hours, but with an alphanumeric password it can take weeks to crack an iOS device.

The new function follows just after the news about the GrayKey cabinet, developed by GrayShift. This device, available to government agencies, would be able to unlock any iPhone. This probably uses a vulnerability in the system, followed by a brute force attack. The hacker company Cellebrite would work in a similar way. For more details about the Identity Theft on Cell Phone, visit this blog.

iOS 11.4

In addition to the USB Restricted Mode, Apple in iOS 11.4 probably adds iCloud synchronization to Messages and comes with AirPlay 2 support. Both functions should have been in a previous iOS 11 version, but were getting slowed down.