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The sway of technology over people continues to be evident with how we conduct our daily lives. Everywhere you look, you will see technology driven processes, technological byproducts, and technologically enhanced devices. The way technology has affected our quality of life is something we can no longer escape.

Everybody, even elders, is now venturing into computers and the Internet. These two are technology’s most powerful byproducts yet. People get caught up in computers easily for various reasons. Aside from being impressive, computers and the Internet are used to keep in touch with family via email, VoIP services, and social media.  Of course, the first step to this phenomenon is deciding which gadget you should get. Computers and laptops do not just appear magically in front of you. Will it be a computer, a laptop or a tablet? If you are working around a limited budget and can only afford to get one, knowing which device is best for you should be the first question you should answer. To help you decipher which device will best suit your lifestyle and needs, below are some points you can consider before doing a purchase:

Desktop Computers

Investing in a desktop computer has always been considered to be someone’s first entry to the technology arena. Here are some of the pros and cons of going for a desktop computer:

  • Setting up your desktop computer in your room or a specific place will keep it safe and last longer. This is because with desktop computers, you don’t change their location often. You won’t have to move it around since it will be quite difficult to do with all the cords and trappings that come with it. Although setting it up in a certain corner is an advantage, it is also the downside of getting a desktop computer. It isn’t mobile and you cannot bring it anywhere you want.
  • With a desktop computer, you can choose the size of your computer screen depending on your preference since it will be set up in a fixed location. Make sure though that the space you will allot for it can accommodate the size of your computer screen. Often, this matters to users who use their computers for watching movies and editing videos.
  • You can connect a modem to your desktop computer which can also support wireless connections for all the other devices in your household. This is if you are willing to share the bandwidth. You can also set up your very own sound system but this will depend on the purpose the computer will serve. Will it be for business, entertainment or gaming?


If you are always mobile and find yourself frequently out of the house, you need a device that will allow you to do reports, watch videos or browse the Internet and a laptop should be an option.

  • Laptops are convenient. They are convenient for computer users who conduct business outside the home and are often traveling. This will be your on-the-go computer that will provide you with the same functionalities of a desktop computer, the only difference is you can pick a laptop up and move to a different location anytime the need arises.
  • Laptops also have disadvantages. One is cost and another is the limitations imposed by its battery life when unplugged.


Tablets are the hottest gadgets today. They are portable, mostly reasonably priced, and can support Internet browsing like a high-powered laptop.

  • Most tablets come in either 7” or 10” screen displays. They are portable, easy to carry, and can even fit in a small bag.
  • Tablets are perfect for personal use, either for gaming, watching videos or communicating.
  • Tapping a way on your touch screen can get a bit tiring as opposed to typing on a regular keyboard.