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The 4 Best Financial Practices For Your New Startup

90 percent of startup companies do not fail within the first five years because they have bad products or bad employees. These companies fail because


Should I Opt For Invoice Discounting?

A growing number of companies are using invoice discounting services when they need to raise money quickly and unlock the value in unpaid invoices. There

Business Finance Leadership

What It Takes To Fund Your First Startup

What was previously thought of as the American dream, owning your own home, is starting to be eclipsed by owning your own business. An asset

Business Finance

Types Of Banking and Their Importance

Today banking plays a vital role in every individual’s life. Thus the use of banks and banking depends upon the services we need. The deposit


Go with the right flow of investment with Real estate Nagpur

Nagpur is the largest and one of the emerging cities in central India. It is one of the best and famous tourist destinations. It is


The impact of technology over real estate industry

According to Deloitte CEO, Peter Williams “Agents will not replaced by technology…..they will be replaced by agents with technology”. Actually it doesn’t mean this real


Compensation For Employees Or Worker’s Compensation? Which Is Which?

There are times when confusion really hits us—such as when we encounter the terms, compensation for employees and worker’s compensation. Which is which between these