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Architecture is a visual art and the buildings speak for themselves. – Julia Morgan

The very fabric of living requires architecture. It is one of the basics on which the foundation of the living society resides. It’s not just about creating a random building but creating something that fits the bills of science and art. You can become a professional in this field after studying at the Jindal School of Arts & Architecture’s undergraduate course. You will get the architecture courses details of this great institute in the following paragraphs.

Study the Best Architecture Course at JSAA for Excellent Future

Course Details: 

The duration of the course is five years. Furthermore, the course is strategically created into two segments i.e. major and minor. The students will learn the following topics in this wonderful course:

  • Architectural Design –I& II
  • Representation & Graphics-I& II
  • Survey & Levelling –I& II
  • Survey & Levelling –II
  • Building Materials, Construction & Workshop Practices-I& II
  • Structural Systems-I& II
  • Environmental Studies
  • Freshmen Writing Seminar-I& II
  • Space & Place
  • Modern South Asia
  • Society & Culture
  • Architectural Design –III& IV
  • Materials & Construction Studio-I& II
  • Structural Systems-III& IV
  • Building Services-I& II
  • Building Bye-Laws & Codes of Practices-I& II
  • Design Theory-I& II
  • Architectural Design –V& VI
  • Materials & Construction Studio-III& IV
  • Structural Systems-V& VI
  • Building Services-III& IV
  • Estimation, Costing & Specifications-III& IV
  • Building Bye-Laws & Codes of Practices-III& IV
  • Design Theory-III& IV
  • Architectural Design –VII& VIII
  • Materials & Construction Studio-V& VI
  • Structural Systems-VII& VIII
  • Building Services-V& VI
  • Estimation, Costing & Specifications-V& VI
  • Building Bye-Laws & Codes of Practices-V& VI
  • Design Theory-V& VI

Apart from the above-mentioned topics, the students will also need to do a thesis report and undergo office training before getting their degree.

The Eligibility Conditions     

The students with minimum marks of 50 percent in their respective senior secondary exams can apply for the admission rounds. The students should have mathematics in their 10+2. They are also required to appear in NATA, the entrance test for shortlisting the deserving students from the huge list of applicants. The NATA will test the knowledge of the students so that only the talented students get the seat in this prestigious educational institute.

It is a Field with Huge Potential    

Architecture is a great choice if you want to make a career in this field. It has been noted by eminent market researchers that it has a lot of potential in terms of growth of one’s career. Jindal’s undergraduate course offers one of the best architecture college courses in our country.