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When insects invade your home and garden, it is not only a major inconvenience, but it may even jeopardize your health. It’s the time of year to begin planning against these invasions and focusing on preventative measures to keep your home and your garden insect free.

Here we’ll provide you with information on the most common home invaders and provide you with the best ways to help you keep them and other pests out of your home and your garden.

Stop These Pests from Becoming Guests in Your Home


Certain scents may repulse ants naturally and help keep them from entering your home. Place items such as mint tea bags or boric acid near the entry point s of your home. Finding the correct entry points is a significant issue when trying to use home remedies effectively. Without the proper knowledge and training, it can be difficult to accurately locate the entry points the ants are using to enter the home.

Although you may have some success stopping the ants you can see, you must keep in mind that there are many more where that came from. It is essential to get the root of the problem before the ants get comfortable in and around your home, forming colonies. A professional pest control service can locate the colony and destroy your ant problem at the source.


It is important to first remove any standing water in the home or on your property, helping to eliminate the mosquito breeding grounds. There is a wide range of other home remedies that may work temporarily, but the most effective way to prevent mosquitos is to contact an expert pest control service who can effectively treat, eliminate, and help stop the mosquitos from buzzing around your home.


To keep from attracting these pests, be sure to keep your kitchen clean of clutter and food waste. They are drawn to places such as the area above cabinets, so be sure to check these areas for activity. There are a few home remedies that you can try, like cucumber slices at the entry points, or seal the entry points if you can locate them. You can also spray soapy water directly on the cockroaches as you see them, but this will not get to the root of the infestation.

The most effective way to eliminate a cockroach infestation or any insect infestation is to use a consistent and thorough approach provided by a professional pest control service.

Keep your Garden Safe

While the above pests are mainly an issue inside your home or while relaxing outdoors, other pests and other wildlife such as birds or deer can wreck your garden. Here are a few ways to deter pests from ruining your garden:

•   Remove what attracts the pests. Be sure to clean up any nearby spilled bird feed and seal off access to any crawl space below your deck or porch. It is also important to remove tall grasses near the garden that could serve as a nesting area for various wildlife.

•   Try temporary solutions. Scent repellents such as garlic or castor oil can sometimes be temporary solutions, but they will need to be monitored and reapplied often to be effective.

•   Cover your plants. Use chicken wire to create simple covers for your plants. These are effective at keeping most pests at bay.

•   Plant things that repel them. Consider planting things that wildlife is typically repulsed by. For example, deer don’t like daffodils while azaleas and marigolds will help repel rabbits.

Some of the wildlife affecting your garden could also decide to make a home inside your home, so it is important to control any infestation or pest activity before it can cause costly damage to your home or garden.



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