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These days there is little difference between real and artificial plants, particularly on a visual level. Artificial plants have evolved to become high-quality products that look as lifelike as the real thing. In fact, plastic plants offer a myriad of obvious benefits. Aside from a little dusting now and then they do not require much maintenance, they are robust, and they can sit in the darkest corner of any home or office.

Sometimes Fake Is Best!

10 Benefits of Artificial Plants :

1. Easy cleaning: Dusty plants can be a challenge to clean as you need to take care when wiping each leaf down. However, this is a far less time-consuming chore with artificial plants since they are less fragile.

2. Low maintenance: You do not need to prune, trim, water, or deadhead artificial plants which is particularly useful in an office environment or in extremely cold or hot climates. People who are not lucky enough to have green thumbs can get away with displaying lush green environments without the worry of killing off live plants.

3. Time: If you are impatient and would like a fully green area in your home without having to wait for plants to grow, artificial plants in Melbourne are the way to go.

4. Design: You can get creative with artificial plants, whether you are placing them in your home or workspace. The plants give you the freedom to tailor your landscape to suit your design and unique taste without having to worry about the plant changing over time. Artificial plants are going to remain the same size and will never outgrow the space you place them in. What’s more, colour schemes don’t have to change with the seasons.

5. Quality: Today’s artificial plants look incredibly real and can fool even the most critical eye. The plants can be treated with UV protection and last through years of weather and direct sunlight.

6. Flexibility: You don’t need to worry about placement of your artificial plants, or whether or not they will be getting enough shade or sunlight if they are too close to a shaded window. You can decide where to place the plants according to where you think they will look best in your environment. If you change your mind, it’s simply a matter of moving them around until you are happy.

7. Safety: You can treat your plants with fire retardant to avoid the spread of fire.

8. Resilience and resistance: Artificial plants can withstand both the elements and critters. You don’t have to worry about your plants coming down with fungi, aphids, or other ailments that affect real plants, and your pets won’t try to eat or uproot your decorative foliage. Artificial plants will also help you avoid introducing harmful or foreign pests into your environment and will not attract bothersome bugs.

9. Price: Plastic or silk plants are almost indistinguishable from real plants and can last longer with the benefit of low maintenance costs.

10. Hypoallergenic: If you are allergic to pollen, the plants will not put out pesky allergens, and you can enjoy your greens without sneezing.

With so many choices available, artificial plants are ideal for homes, hotels, offices and other spaces.


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