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Kind of a driving force for online marketing, social media marketing or networking has come be an integral aspect of online business. It defines strategic approach employed by a business to get and stay in touch with customers and the general public. That being the case, in a bid and quest to maintain an online presence of course to gain significant weight in a business domain, it is imperative to build a robust network to increase customer reachability and interaction. A rational internet marketer considers it as an important tool to add weight to their public relation programs as well as other services aimed at promoting the image of a business– with the sole intent of driving more sales.

For the record, speaking from experiencing as a social media marketing and personal branding expert, fair is foul and foul is fair with social media marketing. Creating and managing a social network for a business is one thing which can make or mar an online business, especially if the management side of the program isn’t handled by an experienced and smart person. A network paves the way for different people to vent their take or views on activities and conversations on social network platforms. Given that freedom or better yet, lack of control, different comments– good and bad will be aired.

Above and beyond, if people are satisfied with a business or the practice put in place by a business owner or service provider, they would give them compliments which carries the weight for maintaining good public image. In light of that, customer loyalty and trust will increase. Referrals will increase. Traffic and activities will increase as well. All in all, as result of the foregoing, sales volume as well as productivity will also increase. Given this scenario, the ultimate goal of a social media network for business is being reached.

On the hand, competitors, bad employees and like minds cash in social media networking to dent the image of a business by making uncomplimentary remarks about the business, its products or services. A nice conversation which starts pretty cool could turn into a tug of war with some selected people who don’t the platform or the business it represents making some bad raps about the business. Such activities on a network don’t impact well on the business health. They kill customer trust and loyalty. Or better still, they kill the business.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin which cost next to nothing to build not only pave the way for reaching out to and getting along with a large audience or millions of social media population, but also helps provide support, uncover ideas and pass information to the public in the be all and end all. For what it’s worth, every business has to ditch its negative impacts while devising a strategic and creative approach to minimize potential causes. Such practice will not be unconnected with dedicating much time to monitoring the platform to figure out how people react to posts. With a good understanding of the audience, people will come up with good strategies to approach the audience. If the time is not there, it would make sense to call personal branding experts into play.