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Painting has a dual function – to beautify and protect surfaces. Embellishment has a much bigger role in the interior than in the exterior, where the protection is more important. Proper preparation of area for painting, as well as a surface that moves is equally important in achieving these purposes. Go to Renaissance Painters Toronto for more.

The preparation is time-consuming and difficult in aspect of each painting, although it is also the most important part of the job. Proper preparation will produce a finish that will look great and last much longer than would be the case with poor preparation of the surface for painting.


It’s hard to get good results if you are worried about whether you will find leaked color somewhere on the furniture or if you do not have enough space to work. To start, decide which room you will be moving and isolate it from the rest of the facility (minimize the use of the area). This has two functions: to save time for setting and cleaning, and is also the motivation for the quick completion of the project.

Grouping – group up your furniture into the center of the rooms; the spaces under tables can serve as the perfect places for storage, the paintings from the walls can be pushed between two pieces of furniture. Furniture with drawers and shelves should be placed atthe center of the room, to be able to access them during the process of painting. If painting includes the ceiling, plan accordingly to allow access to every part of the ceiling.

Make sure to leave enough space around the perimeter in order to have enough space to move and turn on the other side.

Remove all the paintings from the walls and ceilings – Everything that can interfere with the interiorpaintingshould involve a process to remove everything from the walls. This can include wall and ceiling lighting, and when remove itmake sure you will be able to properly restore it.

Cover the area – Cover all the furniture with nylon. This is a very cost-effective and easy way to protect your furniture. Place nylon in such a way that it covers all the furniture and to spread out on the floor in order to create an overlap. Place a cloth around the perimeter of the room, and just below the surface for painting. Many people are using waste paper or newspaper; Do not use bags as they will absorb the paint as a fabric or paper. You can take old linens as rags to protect floors, but it is thinner and the color can penetrate through them. If you have the entire space free and without furniture, you can cover the floor with a layer of thick nylon and then stick it with tape. Also, masking tape around the edges of the switches, door frames, window frames and all those surfaces during painting is a great idea because these things can easily get dirty. Crepe tape is an excellent extra material that is not expensive, easy to install and even easier to remove without damaging the surface.


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