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The rapid developments in technology are benefiting everyone nowadays, students are not an exception. Whether you’re a student at school, college, or even preparing your post-doctoral thesis, there are few digital products out there that can help you enhance your studying skills. Modernity tends to minimize and improve the productivity of devices to yield optimal results. Below we’ll go through few of the most helpful technology gadgets that can help you study and boost your learning skills.


Students tend to read for long periods which inevitably ends up hurting their retinas. E-readers like Amazon’s Kindle should be an integral piece of any student’s studying toolkit for the same reason.

Student in class using digital tablet

E-readers like Kindle, Kobo or Nook are created with a black and white, ink-like display that is easy on the eye in extreme light and darkness. The screen is retina friendly. These devices make studying a tireless and easy task to carry out. Their prices is also a revelation. Nowadays you can get a 4th generation e-reader with 3G support for as low as $99.

Noise-cancelling Headphones

Keeping focus is crucial for learning. A study showed that a significant number of students get lower grades than they’re capable for only because they were unable to focus during studying due surrounding noise. Investing in noise-cancelling headphones is integral to manage a student’s surroundings and get actual results. The prices of noise-cancelling gadgets can be as low as $20 and are buyable via Amazon and other online retailers.


Smartpens are revolutionary devices for students who attend classrooms. The pen features are many and below we’re going to shed a spotlight on the two most important ones.

The smartpen, or digital pen as we also call it, can be used with the Evernote Livescribe technology. The technology allows you to get your written classroom notes digitalized with one simple touch. After you finish writing, all you have to do is to take a picture of your notes with the Evernote – specially programmed camera of the Livescribe application on your smartphone.


The smartpen also has the feature of recording your lectures while you write. This feature comes really handy when you have to transcribe too fast that you end up writing in a quirky way and cannot read it when you try afterwards. You can just play the audio file on the phone and you’re all set.


Smartwatches might be expensive but they’re more useful in many ways than smartphones. Wearables in general are easily accessible than smartphones and carry out just about the same functions. Your smartwatch could be used as a smart note keeper, camera to take pictures of notes instead of copying them, and virtual assistant that reminds you of your important assignments. It can even have a feature of showing hidden text which you could only through polarized glasses – this can be found in invisible watch. With the ever growing wearables application development market, the possibilities of using a smartwatch to help improving your studying skills are uncountable.

Nimbus Dashboard

A Nimbus Dashboard replaces your smart phone notification system. Quite an exquisite gadget for people who are too attached to their social media. The device can be programmed using a smartphone application to display time, set alarms, and instant notifications. It is very helpful for those who wish to focus on their studies while keeping their smartphone functions handy without the phone itself.


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