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Owning a blog comes with it the responsibility to write great content. A blog that lacks content will be a blog that rarely receives traffic or builds a community. If you’re serious about creating a memorable blogging experience than you’ll want to apply these five steps to write great blog content.

Step 1: Decide on Your Unique Topic

The first step of blog post creation is to choose a topic. Your subject doesn’t necessarily need to be far out there but it’s best to choose a topic which will resonate with your blogging audience; often, the best posts are those that come from deep within in which you have a passion for.

Other ideas for content can be tutorials, round-ups, lists, interviews and more. Choose a topic which your readers will enjoy based on previous experience and research.

Step 2: Gather Additional Resources

Next, no blog post is complete without some kind of additional research. You may know your subject very well but part of blogging is adding in additional links which will give your readers something to further interact with.

Using a list of your favorite blogs or doing a general search on the web go ahead and track down additional resources you can reference throughout your post – this turns a good post to great.

Step 3: Write With Passion and Voice

When it comes time to write your blog post put everything you have into it. Don’t worry so much about your grammar and structuring as it can later be fixed – it also doesn’t matter overall because when you show passion in your writing your readers will enjoy it regardless.

You will want to additionally write in your own voice as if you were talking casually with your reader – this creates a relaxed environment and increases the interaction on your post.

Step 4: Inject Questions and Call-to-Actions

As you write your blog post or during the editing phase you will want/need to inject questions and call-to-action which will get your readers to give feedback or take action through blog commenting, clicking a link or any other type of interaction you request from them.

Although this may seem a bit pushy it actually creates a deeper level of interaction as the reader goes through your post – it turns the post into greatness because it gives the reader something to do other than consume content.

Step 5: Promote Like No Tomorrow

If you want to establish yourself as a professional writer and a blogger, all of your hard work has to pay off. So after you’ve published your article begin to promote it online. Join social media networks such as Twitter or Facebook – tell all your friends and ask for them to share.

Driving people to your post will help create community interaction – the final element that creates a great blog post.