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Stay-at-home moms are generally adored, but this cruel world also makes them feel like they are in a bad, boring, and pitied place. The picture of a mom doing laundry all day while taking care of the little one and preparing dinner is what most people visualize when they hear “stay-at-home moms.”

But that is no longer the case. The traditional and myopic view of moms no longer applies to the modern set-up, where moms are capable of doing practically anything.

Work-at-home moms are a generation of mothers who look after the welfare of their family and contribute to the household income at the same time. A study found that staying at home and working is now a gray area, with many women calling themselves stay-at-home moms even if they are actually earning. Research showed that almost two-thirds or 62% of stay-at-home moms generate income for the family, while 25% said they ran a business from home. They work for an average of 4.5 hours every day.

Among the most popular home-based jobs for moms are freelance writing and editing. They only require a computer and an Internet connection, which they probably already have, to begin with. Then, of course, the knack for writing interesting pieces. Don’t worry, that skill can be acquired.

So chin up and be your own boss. Here are writing opportunities for every stay-at-home mom.

Be a Blogger

A lot of blogs need freelance writers to beef up their content. And the good thing about contributing to blogs is that they have a specialty such as a lifestyle, travel, entertainment, fashion or parenting. So you can choose which area you are most comfortable with and then find a blog that focuses on that.

Parenting blogs should be a perfect fit, and the good thing is there are a lot of parenting blogs out there looking for moms who would like to share their knowledge with the rest of the world. Blogs like this normally publish content about parenting hacks, DIY, personal accounts, tips, and the latest child-friendly gadgets. Sound familiar? Better put them in writing.

You can also start a blog of your own, on a topic you feel passionately about. Don’t expect to get money out of it right away but if you are consistent and stay relevant, you might just be the hip blogger mom that earns really well.

Write for Social Media

Freelance Writing Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

Modern moms are Internet-savvy and part of their daily routine is checking their social media accounts. If this has been your routine, why not make money out of it?

Most companies and businesses are at a point where they fully realize that they need to be on social media if they want to reach their target market in an efficient and cost-effective way. You can start writing for companies in the form of blogs, lists, and reviews.Being a social media writer doesn’t require much technical know-how, but you have to be familiar with the tone, language, and voice of the brand or company you’re writing for. At least familiarize yourself with social media strategies to get an idea of how your pieces should sound.

Create Content

Content marketing has changed the whole marketing landscape. And since “content is king” in this marketing phenomenon, work-at-home moms who have the natural talent for writing or those who have experience producing quality articles are valued.

But writing content isn’t as easy as bouncing off words and beautiful sentences. You need to also develop a skill set if you want to turn this into a career. You must master different writing styles, from laidback to technical. You must also understand that you are writing and persuading a specific target audience and outdoing a specific competitor in the process. This means you can’t be random, you have to stick to keywords, an angle, and a goal. You must also understand the basics of SEO and other digital marketing strategies. You must also be adept in social media marketing because most of the content is published on social media platforms.

Influence with Reviews

Freelance Writing Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

Moms know a great deal about everything. They know which cookbook is the best, which acne cream actually works, which book is a must-read, which pair of boots is in the season, etc. That’s why if you need an honest review of anything, ask a mom.

Another freelance writing job stay-at-home moms can explore is writing reviews. Imagine getting paid for basically telling someone how to choose. At a time when reviews influence the majority of consumers, companies find it necessary to hire review sites and research firms to have their products reviewed.

Some companies or websites where you can get paid to write reviews are Vindale, User Testing, Review Me, and Rate it all.

Don’t mind the naysayers, moms have so much in them. Their potential doesn’t end after they get married or bear a child. For stay-at-home moms, take control of your life (and finances) by becoming a freelance writer. Start today and who knows, you might just love it.