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Whether you run your own business or you are selling unwanted items on online marketplaces, many people are sending clothes by courier service. Just like any other item that you intend to ship, care must be taken when packing to minimise any damage in-transit. Here’s a guide to packaging clothing for delivery.

What Are You Sending?

There’s a stark difference between a pack of cotton t-shirts and a couture dress, and this must be reflected in the packaging that you are using for delivery of the items. If the buyer has spent money on an item, they will expect care to have gone into its packaging. Remember that to ensure you have repeat business you need to make a good impression.

There are some general rules you should follow when preparing clothes for courier services such as a man and van in Slough. Make sure the items are neatly folded: this creates a favorable first impression. Make sure the material you use for wrapping will not spoil the items – no newspaper, as the ink will leave a mark!

To create a good impression before sending your items through your courier such as a man and van in Slough UK-TDL.COM, why not add a personal note or a free gift? You will be more likely to have repeat custom and excellent reviews online by doing so.

How To Package and Ship Clothes The Professional Way

Packing Clothes

For lower-value clothing, you can use a flyer bag for packing. Use a bag that has a strong seam and will close properly to prevent items spilling out and getting spoiled. Try to separate individual items to avoid damage. You can do this with tissue or bubble wrap. Make sure the bag or box you pack the items in is a good fit to prevent items moving around and getting damaged.

When packing expensive items, make sure that there is a double bag or box acting as a buffer. This will give you peace of mind that the goods will arrive in excellent condition. Try to use wrapping that has been recycled or reused to minimise the impact on the environment.

Packing Shoes

Use a shoe box where possible, and try to fill the box up with additional packaging to prevent damage. Use a packing box or flyer bag of an equivalent size when posting.