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Most of us can only dream of traveling the world, but Georges Vernier has turned his dream into a reality – by using a van!

The van life

For young adventurers, traveling the world using a camper van can take years of planning and saving before it becomes possible. But for Frenchman, Georges Vernier, life on the move is the only life he knows.

The 22-year old, raised in Lille, France, spent his young adult years traveling Europe using his own van.

Mr. Vernier was inspired to pursue this unique lifestyle as his own childhood was spent traveling in a van, and he claims to now be a second generation van-traveler. He spent various stages of his childhood traveling with his mother, father and two siblings and visiting the sights of Europe. Seeing the world has become a common aspiration for parents, as they look for new ways to travel and spend adventurous times with their children.

Mr. Vernier shares stunning photographs of incredible distant destinations across Europe and scenic spots in the Mediterranean he has visited by himself and with his parents.

Frenchman Travels The World In A Van

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Freedom to Travel Anywhere

Travelling by van allows you to travel off the beaten path and see parts of a country you might otherwise miss. Travelling by road allows total freedom and for you to set your own pace.

Georges Vernier, however, advises that the van life is not exactly for everyone. The lifestyle can be a particular challenge for those who enjoy creature comforts that a van is not able to provide, and there are certain laws forbidding the sleeping of passengers inside vehicles in many countries, protected areas and national parks.

For those willing to take the road less traveled and think uniquely with journey plans, you are rewarded with the authentic travel experience.

Mr. Vernier has described how the van has inspired him to travel everywhere and anywhere, where he is not confined to the usual tourist destinations.

Currently, Georges Vernier has abandoned traveling by van to journey across India. He has traded his four-wheel home for two and is using a bicycle purchased for £10 to travel across the Rajasthan desert.