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It seems that golf could be very complex for the uninitiated. There are several rules and different kinds of clubs to take in. Not to mention the lingo, such as bump-up-and-runs, bogeys, and birdies. For golf enthusiasts, these are the words they speak every day, but could also scare prospective golfers off before they even start to pick up a club. 

Are you interested in golf but unsure as to what to do or fearful of being embarrassed because you’re a beginner? A lot of people are hesitant or don’t play at all because the sport seems intimidating and difficult to pick up. Although there are several aspects to golf, it could be done one step at a time, so long as you decide to commit, practice, and play. 

For beginners, the most difficult part is learning how to hit the ball and understanding the etiquette and rules of the game. Golf instruction provides a beginners guide to help you get started with the game

Get Started with Golf in 5 Easy Steps

1. Purchase a Beginner Golf Club Set or Borrow a few clubs

When you’re new to golf, you could either borrow clubs or purchase a beginner set. A set is affordable and has all the basic clubs that you would be needing as you get started. Now, all you need is a wood, driver, or hybrid, a wedge, several irons, and a putter. 

If you know someone, borrowing clubs while you’re getting started is okay. Most often, your instructor or clinics would have extra clubs for you to use. You could purchase your own golf set as your game improves and you start to play more.  

Every year, golf club manufacturers come up with the latest equipment and technology with a lot for you to choose from. 

2. Learn How to Swing

The best thing for you to do is to get lessons from a pro, such as a golf instructor Orlando, who could teach you the proper mechanics of swinging. Your instructor could teach and provide you with a good base of techniques and skills. You could also get someone, such as a friend or family to teach and show you in the beginning. 

Another great way of learning is to look for a clinic or a group class. These are offered at your local golf course or practice facilities and with women’s golf organizations as well, that have local chapters in your area. 

3. Learn several terminologies, how golf is played, and the basics

From the start, you need not know a lot about how to hit the golf ball. For the first time, it’s very rare for you to head out to the course without ever hitting a club. Nonetheless, after you’ve taken a few lessons, hand hit a few balls at the driving range, you could go out and play some on the golf course. 

You also should know some golf terms and etiquette. You could also learn the etiquette and the terms as you play with your golf partner as long as he or she is more experienced and willing to teach you. Nevertheless, your golf instructor Orlando could teach you all of these and more. 

4. Practice in Between and stay consistent with your lessons

You can’t be on your way just by going to a single lesson or clinic. Learning the golf swing isn’t the most natural movement and it’s difficult to learn in thirty minutes or in an hour. Moreover, there are different swings and various clubs. 

Joining in a 6-week time frame at least is great to begin with. After every lesson, make it a point to practice what your professional coach has taught you to help your muscle memory. Doing this ensures improvement in time and maximizes your lessons. 

5. Look for a partner, parent, friend, grandparent, or social group that you could play with

Probably, this is the most critical part and could also be a challenge. You should try to look for someone to play with. Most golfers, when asked, are usually up for a game or two. 

The golf course is basically your opponent, and your main objective would be to learn golf and how to hit the ball. As you become more experienced, there are a lot of ways to make golf competitive and fun, and you could play against an opponent. If you have no one to play with, check out local courses that may have social groups that go out regularly. 

The Health Benefits of Golf

Playing golf provides benefits to your physical state as well as your psyche. Still not convinced that golf is a great sport for you? There are a lot of health reasons to convince you to head to the golf course and start playing golf. 

Let’s Get Physical

Golf boosts our physical fitness immensely. To be specific, it provides you with moderately intense physical activity, such as carrying your bag, walking, and swinging. This increases the blood flow and heart rate, resulting in enhanced brain stimulation, a healthy heart, and improved balance. Caddies and spectators could also benefit from the game. 

Spectators take around 7,500 to 10,000 steps while watching a game of golf. 

Weight Loss

Enhanced physical fitness equates to weight loss. To lose weight, the recommended number of steps is around 10,000 steps. Spending four to five hours playing an 18\8-hole round definitely exceeds the amount. 

A Perfect Night’s Sleep

The combination of exercise and fresh air regularly is the perfect and ultimate recipe to perfect sleep. You don’t only sleep faster, but you stay in deep sleep longer as well. Go out to the course, embrace the fresh outdoors, and get a fulfilling rest at night. 

Brain Exercise

Playing golf requires a fair amount of memory and concentration. This counts as a brain exercise, which helps in degeneration. Regularly playing golf likely is to reduce or prevent cognitive depreciation. 

Make Friends and Take Meetings Outdoors

Golf is also a great social element, enabling people to not just spend time with family and friends but to meet new players with various skill levels as well. With improved social connections, interpersonal skills, self-identity, as well as emotional control are improved to an entirely new level. 

The golf course and the game could be your platform to discuss business ideas as well as bring a positive vibe to your meetings. 


Starting golf may be difficult at first, but as long as you’re determined to play, it would quickly become a sport that you will surely love. Keep in mind that basics as you get started and remember, there are so many benefits to playing golf.


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