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Contractor business is very profitable, but only as long as it has its own circle of potential or returning customers. When it loses, in some cases, just one crucial client, in the worst scenario, it can end with the collapse of the company. Marketing agencies are therefor an important ally and are taking care of maintaining a good business, as much as its improvement.

Even if the contractor’s services, such as building, plumbing or electrical work are needed by customers, it doesn’t mean that they will automatically have a lot of work offers. It’s logical that the company must be well advertised and carefully promoted in order to have new or maintain old clients. It is important that an agency separates basic marketing from the marketing for contractors.

Open house and seminars

A good way to show customers that they can rely on the contractor and have trust in him that he can accomplish successfully a certain job is through past clients experiences. Their reviews and positive critics are the best advertisements but surely, they must be earned. All this could be presented in a professionally made promotional video.  Another nonaggressive way to promote a company is through its own business story. The people who see the path from starting a company to raising and progress are more like to have confidence in their competence and substantiality.

The promotion could be held in the company’s showroom as an event. “Open house” is a common way to attract clients, no matter the type of business. It is an event where the people can come to investigate, ask or watch videos in order to get the most and reliable information. Another option is doing a seminar with the head managers as lecturers. Mentioned promotional videos and stories are desirable on this kind of events, but also the striking pamphlets and prospectuses. Read more on this page.

Blogs and articles

Nowadays, online marketing is important as if it is a live presentation. Some people won’t even take into consideration some company if online information is not convincing enough. Writing a good article or even blogging about the company’s successes is essential. Blogs should be top notch and hit the target starting from the headline.

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Instead of making the usual announcements, articles should consider what in reality potential clients have a problem with or want to invest in. For instance, “How to stop annoying sink drops” or anything that the contractor company does that the regular people or even large firms can relate their issues with would be a good title. It should be made in the manner in which the reader would get that wow factor and realizing that the contractor’s services are exactly the ones that he needs and could be confident enough in their reliability.

Special offers

Keeping returning customers is as important as getting new ones. In that case, the smart move would be to make special offers that could be beneficial for both sides. It’s wise to show that the company thinks and respects its customers. Special offers can pop up like email pop up or voice mail drop.

A good marketing agency would have in mind that making a client base is the key when it comes to planning future growth. For every type of base, there should be a special type of offer. Special offers could even be shared with the public through direct mail. Even if we live in the computer era, direct mail is not dead and people check and read their letters and ads.

Refreshing your brand

From time to time, the company should have new features and simply refresh its appearance in public. By this, we mean a new logo or website. Also, if the operating machines are bought a long time ago, it’s necessary to update the working inventory. This should be properly pointed out when it comes to advertising the company.

The updates in the company could be promoted through radio talk or television commercials. It sounds like a big investment but the best time for advertising is when the company is on its pick and has new boasting features to show off. By refreshing, it could also mean updating the company’s operations and spreading the work into new branches which will undoubtedly attract the new groups of the interested party.