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Boosting your blog and making sure that your posts get attention is vital if you want to be successful. Though, you can only achieve it if you pay attention to the images you use and how you make them work. Keep in mind that while good pictures can attract readers, it will be also important to keep them on your blog. The first few seconds are crucial to grab your readers’ attention, which is why you should use high quality images.

Strategically Place Your Images

Many bloggers continue to use images in the same way they have found to be good the first time round. Although it might produce some kind of results, people change and your blog should too. There are a few secrets about how to place your images, and make sure to keep in mind that you place your text right below it, as your eyes will naturally go down. Avoid plastering your posts with images all around as it will only create confusion and could amp up the loading time your readers will not like.

Make Your Images Load Faster

You can always resize your images to make them smaller, but, often it will lead to poorer quality. However, if you want to increase your blog’s performance, you should learn how to speed up some of the platforms you are using as well. After all, you are not only uploading images, you are making sure that your readers have a chance to load them up without any problems in the meantime. Bear in mind that even small adjustments can have a huge impact, which will enable you to run a fast blog.

Give Exact Image Tags

Make sure to use intelligent tags for your images as it will help search engines to rank them and to boost your blog in the long run. Moreover, it will help create a sitemap without running into any problems. Associating your keywords with images will also help rank up the ranking of your blog, and the pictures used as well. In the end, it will all lead to achieving a better rank and ensuring your website is easy to find.

Use Only High Quality Images

In order to be sure that your blog uses only good quality images, you will have to either find trustworthy sources or create your own. In either case, if you want your blog to look amazing, you will have to look into finding images your readers will deem useful. Pictures of books are not easy to find as usually they will be irrelevant to your blog post or could be taken from an angle you do not like. Nevertheless, stay vigilant when searching for images, to find the best which will boost your blog.

Always Run Tests Before Posting Anything

You might be happy with how things are shaping with your blog and posts, but, always view it with a critical eye to be able to find any mistakes and to correct them. Remember to try out load times so that your readers will have no trouble loading up your blog. If you notice that there is something wrong, change the type and size of your images, as it can drastically reduce load time, but leave the same quality behind. Furthermore, test what kind of approaches your readers like, to see if it works better.

According to New York SEO company ranking higher in Google’s eyes will greatly depend on what kind of posts you have on your blog, moreover, the images you use will play a crucial role as it can attract more people. Nevertheless, be sure to use only high quality images and to give them smart tags to ensure that search engines will recognize it as a viable factor and rank your blog accordingly. On the other hand, having too many images could choke your posts, which is why you should learn how to place them for best effects.