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COVID-19 took the world by storm, acting like a tornado devouring small businesses. Now that we have a better grasp on the situation, we all need to do our part to keep things under control. Here are some ways businesses can do their part to end the COVID-19 pandemic.

Provide Work From Home Options

Many companies moved employees home for the peak of the pandemic. However, as things calm down and vaccination rates increase, more and more companies are bringing employees back into the office. Unfortunately, many employees will come into work when sick to avoid punishment or pay docks for missing work. However, this can put the whole workplace in danger. Try offering work from home options for those days when someone isn’t feeling their best but can still handle their responsibilities. You can also provide more sick days and better health insurance to allow employees the time they need to heal either from COVID-19 or other illnesses.

Encourage Vaccination

COVID-19 vaccinations are available now. Anyone able should move forward with getting vaccinated. Encourage employees to get vaccinated by offering some monetary incentive or treat or by allowing them to get the vaccination while on the clock. You can even get someone to come to the office to provide the vaccinations. Don’t forget to be a good example by getting your vaccine, too.

Maintain Sanitary Conditions

You need to make your office as sanitary as possible for those that come into work. While you could do the cleaning yourself, this takes away from work time. Instead, you can hire a cleaning service, like Nashville Building Services, to clean the building regularly. Regularly cleaning all common areas makes the building a safer place for employees and guests. It also makes a better impression of your business on guests and clients.

Once the building has been cleaned, you need to keep it clean. It’s safest when people keep their hands clean and wear a mask around the office. Make it easy for everyone by providing the necessary supplies. Make hand sanitizer available to all employees. You should also offer masks and encourage people to use them when out of their seats. Consider putting your logo on the supplies to help market your brand while also keeping everyone safe. 

Promote Social Distancing

Business requires people to come together. However, people don’t need to come so close together. When you have meetings or guests coming to the office, ensure that seats are at least six feet apart. You can also put down stickers six feet apart for any situation that might require a line. We can still gather together as long as we remain safe.

Keep Employees Informed

Knowledge is power. Keep employees in the know by providing weekly updates on health news and any other industries relevant to your company. This will give employees the information they need to make intelligent decisions for themselves, their families, and the people they encounter.

Getting past the recent pandemic will require a collective effort. We all have to do our part. When employees are healthy, they will come to the office more often and be more productive. Furthermore, it’s a good image for your company if you show that you care about the health of your employees and your clients.

If you’ve been largely working from home during the past year, but intend to begin transitioning back into the office space, keeping a clean environment is more important than ever. Not only will it limit the spread of COVID-19, the common cold and flu, and other viruses, but it will also make your employees feel respected and safe. 

When transitioning back, you may have a hard time keeping things clean and in order. If cleaning isn’t directly in your employee’s job description, then you can’t expect them to clean the office. Beyond spreading germs and viruses, neglected offices can quickly become dirty, cluttered, unorganized, and even hazardous. Here are some of the many benefits that you can sit back and enjoy as an office manager when you make the smart decision to hire a professional cleaning company to take care of the cleaning needs of your office.

Have the Office Cleaned While No One Is in It

If you have decided to take on the task of trying to keep up with the cleaning of the office on your own, then you will probably try to do so during business hours, so you don’t need to stay even later than normal to clean everything. This means you may be vacuuming while your employees are trying to get their work done. Not only can this be distracting for them, but it can also make it hard for them to make their phone calls with the loud vacuum cleaner running in the background. You will also be mopping while employees are walking around, which can cause a safety issue by having wet floors. You will be trying to get in the bathrooms while employees may be trying to use them. When you hire a cleaning company, they can come in after hours, so all of these issues can be avoided.

Have the Office Cleaned Correctly 

Professional cleaning companies who clean offices regularly will have all of the proper supplies to do the job right. They will use products that kill germs while leaving the office smelling nice and clean. They will use the right quality vacuum and other equipment to leave the floors looking great. They will even take care of the windows in a way that leaves them looking great, without streaks and smudges.

See a Decrease in the Amount of Illness Going Around 

 When your office is being cleaned correctly and regularly you may even notice that your employees are calling in sick less. This will be because the employees won’t be passing germs back and forth when they touch things around the office while they are sick and then the healthy employees come up behind them and touch those same items.

Make Your Employees Feel Comfortable

Your employees won’t like working in a messy office as much as they will like working in an environment that is nice and clean. You may find that your employees have a better attitude due to the improved work environment. When they do have better attitudes, it can lead to an improvement in their productivity and the volume of work in which they can get done during a single work shift.


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