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You may come across different blogs over the Web and wonder why and how? The fact is that blogging is a medium that generated not only vital leads but also sales for any business in an exceptional way you most likely have never realized.

What is Blogging about? Is it keeping people over the Internet updated on what is happening? So, just to say that your visitors who consider knowing what is going around with the stock market, you can inform them about it on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis.
It is more like an email or newsletter but instead of just getting traffic from the email subscribers, you get to generate traffic from all such people who are searching for the same topic over the Internet. It is best when it comes to both the worlds, just get repeated viewers and also get to attract new ones. The email is not always checked anyway.

Now the point to be discussed is why and how can blogging get you more customers than a website or Facebook? Well, when it comes to the social media giant, Facebook, you can easily connect with all your existing customers. If you want your prospective clients or new customers to join you on Facebook, you require to pay for it.

Facebook can be extremely useful to get you create some buzz among your friends and fans, but some businesses merely will not get too much of an authentic buzz on social media naturally.

A website, on the other hand, is a good option for a few things. In case your site does not have much content on it, then you will not generate free traffic. If it does, it will serve as a blog but blogging brings in repetitive visitors whereas a web portal only brings in people in search for something or they somehow remember the site or prefers keep coming back for anything they want.
You need to understand this fact that a blog is not for every business. A site can also be a blog but you do not essentially require a blog if your website is serving the purpose of both.

If you are opting for a blog, then you can try out the free one too like Blogspot and Squidoo. These are a part of the entire blogging community, and as a result they rank better on the leading search engines. Bigger portals like these tend to dominate all the prominent search engines.

That is why a portal when utilized as a blog may not be a great idea. if you want to generate free traffic, and also want it quick, joining a blogging community is what you should be doing.

Often, the blogging communities can limit your freedom of content writing or can take your content down, therefore you have to ensure that you are abiding by their terms and conditions. Moreover, you can make money out of these communities too as this is how these communities make their money. They make use of your writings to generate traffic and eventually sales. If you prefer avoiding this, you can join any other blogging community that is very well established and you can easily take off the advertising bars.


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