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Many companies planning a marketing strategy either overlook the use of promotional items or dismiss the idea as too expensive. For the value they bring, however, marketing products can provide an excellent ROI. Giving away branded items that people like provides a constant reminder of your brand, and the good feelings that consumers will associate with it. While items like branded coffee mugs still work, you might want to consider some modern options.

Free Trials

For digital products, and software in particular, consider making free trial versions available online. Give them limited features or a limited period of use to encourage buying the full product. A trial version gives potential customers an appealing no-risk way to try out your product and interact with your brand at little to no cost to you.


At a time when smartphones are on their way to becoming a staple of society, there’s a huge market for mobile apps that shows no signs of letting up. People might have dozens or even hundreds of apps on their phone. Creating and distributing your own mobile app is a great way to reach out to your audience, and a convenient way for them to contact you. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown service app. Some of the most successful apps are simple games, like Angry Birds. Free distribution of any app that engages audiences with your brand is a smart move.

Contests and Prizes

Holding contests is a terrific way to generate buzz on social media. Offer a grand prize or a series of prizes in the form of your featured products or services. Contests can be simple raffle drawings, photo or video submissions, or even something that directly benefits you, such as asking audiences to come up with a new slogan or product feature. You could make filling out a survey part of the process for joining the contest. Be sure to publicly congratulate the winners to gain more attention, then start planning your next contest!

Eye-Catching Giveaways

You may or may not want to go the traditional route of emblazoning your logo on T-shirts or baseball caps, but you should definitely come up with more distinctive ideas. You could try things like mouse pads, phone covers, or desk calendars that are not only colorfully branded, but cut to unusual shapes. Modern laser cutting techniques from companies like Perspex can allow for some very detailed concepts in affordable materials. You could even make these striking forms part of your branding. If you do some experimenting and find something that works, these unique items will spark conversation and boost your brand awareness.

Whatever route you choose to take, just be sure it’s something that fits your brand. Do your research and be sure it’s something your audience will actually want and enjoy. The longer they keep and use your freebies, the more likely you are to make additional sales.