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If you want to live in London, the chances are you’ll find yourself renting a small room in a shared house. If you want keep all possessions neat and in order, and avoid annoying your housemates by spreading clutter into communal rooms, you’ll need some creative storage ideas.

Fortunately that’s what we’re here to inspire you with today!

Going Vertical!

Don’t forget to pay attention to the walls when you’re searching for storage space. You don’t have to restrict yourself to drawers and cupboards. Fitting shelves can be a great to maximise storage space, whether that’s for books you’ll need to access often, or to display ornaments and art that would otherwise be contributing to your clutter.

If you’re thinking creatively you can make your shelving do double duty! The bottom of some shelves can form the foundation for a wardrobe rail, allowing you to not just store some excess clothing but display it! This stamps a little more of your personality onto your room even as it keeps some delicate clothes off the floor.

You could also think about ways to store other things on your walls – attaching some hooks could allow you to hang a yoga mat on the back of a door or on a wall, again saving you precious space.

You could get even more creative with your shelving – using old drawers as shelves gives you more depth to store more things, as well giving your wall as distinct and charming vintage look. In the bedroom this could give you a jewellery store mounted to the wall, while in the kitchen it could make a convenient and secure place to store your herbs and spices.

Going Under the Bed

One of the most important storage spaces in your room is underbed space. Maximising this gives you many more options for how you can keep your possessions safe, neat and under control.

If you can afford it, a storage bed is ideal to meet your needs – with built in cupboards and drawers, and even desks, so they can double as a workspace.

If you want to get really creative, there are whole internet communities dedicated to sharing the best ways to ‘hack’ Ikea furniture into new combinations. Devoting a bit of time to research then hitting your nearest branch to get what you need, and you’ll have your own bespoke furniture that fits your needs!

If you still need more storage after this, try byStored collect your stored items for free, and pack them securely until you need them again!


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