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How would you feel if I told you that you can achievfe a better health and a healthy weight by following a simple diet, hydration regime based on alkalising and exercise? You most probably won’t believe me. Alkaline acid diet or sometimes called alkaline ash diet can help you lose excess weight in your body and achieve a better health. Also regular intake of alkaline-promoting foods like beans, essential fats and legumes helps to avoid problems like cancer and arthritis.

It is believed that some foods like refined sugar, meat, processed foods, caffeine and wheat causes your body’s pH to become more acidic. An acidic pH makes a person more disposed to weight gain and chronic diseases as the acid leaches mineral from vital body organs. Although there is little scientific evidence to support this, the alkaline diet promotes the ingesting of whole unprocessed meals and avoids the shift in body’s pH. This is why you should always choose alkaline diet for weight loss.

Why Alkalise?

When you gain more weight, your body adopts to a buildup more acid. Note that just by being alive, your body produces acids all the time, and if you additionally drink and eat more acid forming meals, then your body’s ability to adopt can be overwhelmed. When this acid is clogged in your body, the body starts to store them in fatty tissues or in some cases start to eat into your body, burning it up and making you look too thin and unhealthy.

Adopting a program based around alkalinity will not only help you shed off those extra pounds in your body, but also help you become healthier. Increasing intake of foods rich in alkaline such as vegetables, fruits and drinking plenty of water has been scientifically proven to help you in weight loss and improve your general health. Remembers all this is aimed at rebalancing your pH and giving your body more energy and achieving your desired weight.

The Magic Key to Increased Health and Weight Loss

The main reason for losing weight is actually to become healthier. By adopting a simple routine exercise, diet and hydration regime based on alkalising you will eventually achieve this. Routine exercise, diet and hydration regime based on alkalising has proved to be one of the most effective ways of achieving a healthy weight and improving you general health. Many people who have succeeded in losing weight through alkalising confessed that they increased their intake of foods like spinach, chards, kales cucumbers watercress, wheatgrass, parsley and even green leaves that grow on top of the beetroot. All these green plant foods lie at the very heart of rebuilding your health by rebuilding a malnourished body or helping lose those excess pounds.

Alkaline promoting foods like legumes, beans, essential fats and green plant foods are all known to have a plethora of weight normalizing qualities as:

  • They have a high nutrient content in vitamins and other minerals vital for energized healthy body.
  • When raw they contain high levels electrons or alkalising (negative charge). This is good for you because it facilitates energetic flow within your body.
  • They are very low in sugar. Low sugar levels or reduction of sugar intake is the first stage of any health program.
  • They all have high amounts of magnesium that is very vital for your heart pump and for removing all unwanted matter.
  • The fibre levels in these foods are very high. Health gain is as much about eliminating unwanted matter from your body as it is with what you take. Although some other of fibre can be acidifying.
  • These foods also contain chlorophyll which are essential for building healthy red blood cells.


If you are looking forward to shedding off those extra pounds in a healthy way and achieve your desired body shape, then alkaline diet is the answer. Alkaline diet is the ultimate solution for healthy weight loss. Ensure you have more intakes of foods with high alkaline balance. These foods are very beneficial to your well-being. Some of these foods include; nearly all vegetables and fruits like watermelon, lemons, apples, watercress, seaweed and asparagus among others. Remember these foods are not just alkaline diets but they also healthier fresh products with numerous benefits in your body if consumed.