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There’s more to choosing a time clock than simply picking something out of the catalogue that looks good. If you’re serious about documenting breaks, shifts and schedules in a way that cuts down on fraud, you’ll need to be careful with your choice of time clocks. Here are just four tips for narrowing down your search to something worthwhile.

4 Tips For Choosing A Time Clock

1. Embrace Biometric Technology

“Time theft” is a serious issue in the modern workplace, but it also has a simple solution. By installing a biometric time clock that only recognizes people by their fingerprints, you can completely eliminate friends punching in for other friends. They’ll no longer be able to cheat the system, and this means more money saved for your company. It’ll offset the initially higher cost of a biometric system in no time.

2. Find the Right Software

Look for timekeeping software that goes the extra mile. For example, things like Timesheet Portal online can be accessed from any device thanks to the power of the cloud. You can also find time clocks that come with automated data logging systems and organizational archives for the day’s time stamps. There are even clocks that will send you text alerts if employees are late!

3. Consider Your Employees

Speaking of employees, you’ll want a time clock that they can actually use every day without difficulty. If they skew towards the older demographic, you might buy a time clock with big buttons or backlit displays; if they’re young and tech-savvy, you can go ahead and splurge on that ultra high-tech clock. As long as you’re keeping your employees in mind while you shop, you should be able to find a device that suits everyone.

4. Budget Accordingly

There are many numbers to consider when choosing a time clock. The big one is the cost of the unit itself; there’s also shipping if you’re ordering online and installation costs if you’re bringing in a local technician. You might also want to invest in an extended warranty if you enjoy the peace of mind that comes from insuring your purchase. Whatever your final bill looks like, make sure that you’re budgeting for everything in advance.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you shop for time clocks. A good decision today can pay off in a big way tomorrow, so take your time and consider your options carefully. Good luck!