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article-1Adding a set of window awnings to your home is a great way to accentuate the exterior and boost aesthetic value of your humble abode. It can’t hurt that it also provides good shelter from the elements. If you’re reading this though then you’re probably wondering about one thing — is it worth getting an awning that is made of aluminium? Isn’t a canvas awning good enough for the job? These are all good questions considering that aluminium awnings do tend to cost a heck of a lot more.

It’s a subject of debate for home improvement experts but none can’t deny that aluminium awnings does have some notable advantages over many of its counterparts. What exactly are these advantages?

Perfectly good reasons to get aluminium awnings for your home

Better value

Indeed aluminium awnings are expensive but it’s a good investment for many reasons. For one thing, metal awnings are more cost-efficient compared to canvas. Don’t just look at the unit price – with a canvas awning, you’ll need to consider the cost of the fabric in addition to the cost of installation. As often mentioned by reputable manufactures like “Shutters Australia”, the total cost isn’t that far off particularly when opting for a high end fabric and the necessary framing structure. In some cases, you might even end up paying more.

Longer service life

It is obvious that metal awnings last longer than fabric ones although most people don’t realise how much. With proper care, aluminium awnings can last more than 20 years which is definitely tough to beat. By comparison, fabric awnings only come with a 5-year warranty at most.

Minimal maintenance

Yet another great thing about aluminium awnings is that it does not require much in the way of maintenance. Water simply flows through its surface and unto the ground due its slick surface. Fabric on the other hand absorbs moisture causing mold and mildew formation. To clean it, you’ll have to take the fabric down and wash it; these are things that you’ll never have to worry about with metal awnings.

Superior protection

If you live in a hurricane-prone area then aluminium awnings are simply a must-have. Only metal awnings offer adequate protection against extreme weather conditions packing winds that are more than strong enough to rip a fabric awning out of its frame.

Learn more about aluminium awnings and what makes it the perfect window treatment for your home. Check out websites like to know exactly what to look out for.


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