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Who are we? Why we are SEO Sydney Solutions.  We proudly say we are the best in SEO because we have a proven track record and a long list of satisfied customers who give us rave reviews to prove it. We excel in online marketing, (another name is digital marketing) which is a very integral part of SEO.  Online marketing consists of optimizing websites through organic searches, link building, and on-page SEO. Our service offerings are explained in more detail below!

Organic searches are a crucial part of SEO because their results strongly influence customer buying patterns. Most customers only look at and do business with the first three or four companies which appear as results on major Internet search engines. This means that any business needs to rank near the top of the first page of any search engine result on any major search engine. This is not easy to do. SEO Sydney Solutions is the perfect match in this instance because our staff conducts extensive research to determine which keywords should feature on your corporate website along with their frequence. Keyword placement and appearance is important because search engine bots seek out these keywords when they look through various websites on the Internet. The websites with popular keywords mentioned often and place strategically throughout the websites are the ones that rank highly on Internet search engines.

On-page SEO is equally important to companies wanting to use SEO to ensure that their websites rank highly on search engine results. On-page SEO consists of the strategic placement of title tags, meta descriptions, internal links, and image tags which are designed to get websites noticed by search engine bots. Title tags can consist of long keywords, and meta descriptions describe each page of the website – they oftentimes contain keywords for this reason. Internal links are important, especially if they are associated with websites belonging to prominent companies who are considered to be industry experts.

The digital age has made any industry super competitive because it has lowered the barriers to entry for new companies. Existing and new companies can only survive if they associate themselves with companies who are considered to be ‘the established authorities’ in their industries because this type of association promotes and markets the new and existing companies’ websites. These companies also have an easier time accessing the people existing in the target market of the companies whose websites they are linked to, and this can increase their online profile, their customer base, and hence their revenue streams and profitability!

As is evident, while not rocket science, SEO is not easy to do because it is not easy to get permission from the industry leaders to use their links and hence tap into their markets.  It requires a great deal of blogging and guest blogging to build up this level of trust, and to develop these relationships. SEO Sydney Solutions is an expert at this!

Now that you know what we can do in terms of SEO for your company, why don’t you give us a call for your next SEO marketing campaign?