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Responsible, charismatic, exuberant, risk taker, communicator, skilled, intelligent, hardworking, are all a few qualities that describe a leader.

Being a leader is easy but displaying leadership is a job excelled by some. Leadership is one of the most common words heard these days. Every person in a rush towards success, a dream of being a leader but this isn’t a very easy job to be accomplished. The one who stands tall in all odd situations is a true leader. To understand better, we can take the example of Mother Teresa, who worked for the upliftment of slum areas, overcame all difficulties with a smile and managed to put that smile on all faces around her. She inspired millions of people around the globe. That’s what a leader does..!!!

Leadership demands passion..! Our passion can lead us anywhere and can make people follow us instantly. Being passionate is like being the nectar in a flower, no matter how far you are — .bees are bound to be attracted..!!

To quote for an example, Indira Nooyi has proved to be a very passionate person. Her passion has now made her stand on the zenith of success. She also proves that women lag nowhere behind men..!

But for a fact, developing leadership is a time consuming process. You need to be true to yourself before being true to your followers. It’s a quality that has to be nourished every day. Good leaders train themselves, listen to the advice of their followers and implement ideas which benefit everyone in the long run.

To be a leader and to accomplish goals, we must learn to be affirmative in all our pursuits. Repeating goals to ourselves is one step towards attaining leadership.

Leadership is a simple word that can be measured by the level of determination and dedication one possesses.

Hence to sum up, every person can be a leader by remembering-

“It is a time for revolution. The world needs more living heroes and we are here just in time.”