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Employer attorney is a term for any lawyer who works on behalf of an employer to manage the workplace legally. Law firms typically employ employer attorneys, but they also work with individual employers who do not necessarily have a staff attorney. They typically hold legal jobs, including employment law and labor relations attorneys, among many others, like patent lawyers, mergers and acquisitions lawyers, intellectual property lawyers, and more. Here are some of the things to look for in an employer attorney:


1. Integrity

An employer attorney should be trustworthy and honest, thus displaying integrity. You need to find an attorney you can trust to work in your best interest, not just for law firms. Look for an employment attorney who understands that even though he or she is working for a larger organization, his job is to protect those who work for that organization.


2. Experience

An employer attorney should have a solid amount of experience dealing with employment and labor law matters. Look for an attorney that can help you and advise you on current employment law trends and how they will affect your business.


3. Results-Oriented

Look for a results-oriented attorney who can get your company through the labor issues it may be facing. Look for an attorney who will work on your behalf but also listen to what you have to say and be open to new ideas that are just as valuable as his or hers.


4. Honesty

An employer attorney should be totally honest and open. Look for an attorney who has his or her ideas on how to get the best results but is OK with letting you do your own thing as well. The employer attorney should also be able to listen to all sides of the argument and make an informed decision when it comes down to it.


5. Trustworthy

An employer attorney should be trustworthy, and that can be met by choosing an experienced lawyer that is honest and straightforward, among other traits like integrity. This attorney should be someone who will help guide you through the process of creating and maintaining a healthy and profitable workplace while meeting the needs of his or her employer.


6. Communication

An employer attorney should be able to communicate easily with all company management members, including the CEO or other top executives. The employer attorney should also be able to communicate verbally and in writing effectively.



There are many things to consider when looking for an employer attorney. You want to find a lawyer who will work on your behalf and with you to get the best results for your company. Your employer attorney should be honest and straightforward, trustworthy and experienced, as well as communication and results-oriented.