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DBS checking is one of the first things that you should do after you have hired a likely candidate for a job you have posted.

This is something that will help to safeguard your company, as well as the people that you are working with.

Once the DBS check has been completed, you will have all the information that tells you whether an individual is suitable for you to hire them. Every single person you interview will have their criminal records checked.

You can also use this check on the employees that you already have working at your company. Some people may have been hired without the necessary checks in the past. This can lead to your workforce containing people who should not work with sensitive data, vulnerable adults or children.

What Can Be Uncovered By DBS Checking?

Potential lawsuits can be avoided by a thorough DBS check. What can be uncovered by this process?

Whether The Person Has Convictions Related To Children

Children need to be protected when they are being dealt with by your organisation. It is important to remember that the DBS checking procedure is designed to make sure that offenders do not come into contact with children at all. This could put the children at risk of serious harm.

Once you are satisfied that someone has passed the check, you can then hire them to work with children. You will have a clear conscience that they are completely suitable for the job in every regard.

Whether The Person Has Convictions Relating To Sensitive Data

If someone has convictions for handling sensitive data, then they should not be employed by your company. The type of data that falls into the sensitive category could be to do with their address, their bank details or their medical history.

People have a right to privacy and this privacy will be violated if an employee decides they are going to publish these details or sell them to someone else.

Whether The Person Has Convictions Relating To Vulnerable Adults

Working with vulnerable adults means that you need to have their best interests at heart all of the time. You will want to see whether potential employees or people who already work for you have convictions to do with the mistreatment of vulnerable adults. You may be running a nursing home or a service which deals with the mentally ill.

These people need to be protected, and they have a right to be in a safe environment. You will be happy when a potential employee has a successful check that shows they have a completely clean record. Then you will be able to hire that person immediately to work for you.

Whether The Person Has Any Police Cautions

Police cautions occur when someone agrees with the police that they have committed a crime, but they are not formally charged. If they refuse to agree, then they can be arrested.

You should make sure that background checks are carried out on all employees.