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Facebook has evolved from being a portal where friends and family could interact with each other to a marketing behemoth in the last few years. Agencies are heading to Facebook for posting ads and promotions. Facebook enjoys widespread popularity with people of all age groups, which means that using it for marketing can be very effective to give your business a push. Here’s how you can use Facebook to boost your business.

Make a page

The first step of course, is to make an official page for your business. It is as easy as the click of button. The form to be filled is not a tiresome one, and the whole process is fairly straightforward. Add a suitable introduction; one which instead of dragging on, describes your business comprehensively but in few words. Make sure you add a “contact us” tab, for customers to contact you directly. Post email addresses and contact numbers on the page too.

Using Facebook to Boost Your Business

Promote the page

Promoting your business’s page is vital if you want to get more fans on it. Your page’s credibility increases with each new fan who likes your page. Some people take the easy route to promoting their pages: they Buy Fans. However, your page can be promoted by sharing a link to it on other pages of similar interests. Don’t make it look like spamming though; nothing puts off potential fans more than seeing your page’s link pop up everywhere on Facebook multiple times. Try to target only the pages with similar interests to your business, as those pages are the ones frequented by people you would want liking your page.

Keep the page updated always

A dead page means a dead business for Facebook users. A happening page that gets updated regularly keeps everyone hooked, and familiarizes your fans with your business. Once the fans’ interest is built in your page, it will generate a positive word of mouth for your business. Keep your page’s fans involved with each new policy and any new development of their interest. If there is nothing else to post about on a particular day, you can always post a quiz or a little general discussion through a status to interest your fans. Make sure that your page is always alive.

Post Facebook-exclusive offers

If your business involves sales, there is no better way to get more people to notice your presence on Facebook than posting deals and discounts online for people who like your page. Once fans know they’ll be getting something out of liking your page, they take greater interest in it, and even mention it to others via a share or two.

If used right, Facebook marketing can do wonders for your business.



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