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As communication is one of the keywords in any business, making it less complicated can add an extra dose of professionalism to your enterprise. To make communication smoother, it has never been so easy: in the age of technology video conference calls is definitely the way to go. They have numerous advantages over voice calls and can help you run your business with greater efficiency.

Productivity up

Jut by switching from regular voice calls to video conferencing, you can save a lot of time on things you may not think a phone can solve. That is because a great deal of more recent video conferencing systems has additional features that go beyond the video itself. For instance, users can now share documents of various formats and edit them in real time. Decision can be made even faster now, allowing you and your partners to concentrate on the truly burning issues and not bureaucratic inconveniences, which no-one likes to do.  Hence, video conferencing entails more than just the video!

A different kind of Communication

Choosing video conference calls instead of simple voice calls will certainly make the communication a lot more personalised. Facial expressions, body language, and all the other important parts of human interaction are all lost in a voice call, yet a video call captures that and reduces the risk of serious miscommunication. Also, a visual element in a conversation can help strengthen bonds with clients and partners, bringing back a personalised element to business that could otherwise be lost so easily in the age of emails. Furthermore, video conference calls help employees who are not currently at the office – or work in different branches, for example – stay more connected to the company and feel that they are indeed an important part of it. Essentially, video conferencing is the closest to live communication one can get.

Your Business Image

In addition to direct benefits just described, there is one major indirect one. That is, as more and more companies are using business grade VOIP (the technical term for technology that allows calls to be made via an IP network), not having this newest communication technology may be seen unfavourably by clients, and, vice versa, utilising the most advanced system that is presently used in the field can only boost your business image. There is no better way to prove your innovative and progressive approach towards business than to actually employ tools that make your company such.

Say yes to Video

All these advantages should leave you no doubts about the benefits your business will reap from installing a voice conference system. There is simply no downside to it, and it can only make your work faster, more personalised, and more efficient. In the 21st century, when more and more things are done over the Internet, there is a nice way to utilise online tools without losing the human element in communication, and this is exactly what video conference calls can achieve. So wait no more!