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Human needs space to build roads and flats and they just leveling the land with concrete. Soil is one part of the Earth that we don’t often see today. There are special regions where plantation and cropping is done by farmers. And rest of the land is just getting polluted and making soil unfit for growing crops. Soil lab experts will talk about soil pollution in this article. Keep reading to find what they have to say about it.

Soil pollution is very common these days, and it happens because of the presence of man-made elements. The untreated waste landfills are making soil quality very poor. The waste produced from nature itself like dead plants, rotten fruits, and carcasses of animals and vegetables is natural waste and it doesn’t harm soil anyway. On the other hand, poly bags, synthetic rubber, and plastics are man-made waste that spoils soil quality.

Untreated Chemical Landfills Polluting Soil

Why soil pollution happens?

There are major causes of soil pollution –

1. Industrial activity

Industrial activity is the major reason behind soil pollution in the last century, since the mining and manufacturing has increased. Most industries rely on mineral extraction from the earth. Whether it is coal or iron ore, the by-products of these minerals are contaminated and they cannot be disposed in a safer way.

The industrial waste stays on the soil surface and pollutes it for long time.

2. Agricultural activities

The use of chemical fertilizers for maximum yielding is degrading the soil nutrients. The chemical fertilizers contain the contents that cannot be broken down by natural enzymes. As a result, they seep into the ground when mixed with water and lower the soil fertility.

3. Disposal of waste

Waste disposal is the next growing cause for soil pollution. Every human produces some personal waste products by feces and urine. A large amount of waste is moved into sewer and landfills in the form of diapers.

 Soil Lab Testing Tools To Evaluate Nutrient Availability

Soil pollution affects the environment by affecting the growth of plants. It harms the fertility of the soil and makes land unsuitable for cultivation. Alongside the emission of foul and toxic gases from landfills degrades the environment and causes serious effects on health of human. Since the soil organisms like earthworms cannot survive in alkaline soil, it can lead to alteration in soil structure.

Soil lab experts have shared this post to make human aware how we are responsible for soil pollution. We should take proper measures to fix the soil pollution.



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