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Wire hangers may be cheaper or come free from the dry cleaner, but they can ruin your clothes. They are also unable to support the weight of heavier frocks, such as pieces made from wool or coats. Wooden hangers offer you better strength and durability. They can handle the weight of your thickest parka, and they won’t leave that nasty crease in your pants if you fold them over the bottom to store them in your closet.

Types of Wood

Wood clothes hangers can be made from different types of wood. Cherry, oak and walnut are favorites, as well as mahogany and, believe it or not, bamboo. Of all the choices, bamboo is one of the more sustainable options, as this grows very hardy throughout the world. It is also incredibly strong, used for scaffolding in construction projects in Asia, in fact. Whether you choose bamboo or walnut, the resulting clothes accessory will be strong enough to store your garments beautifully.


Whether your personal closet space or a retail display, wooden hangers also come in many different colors to complement your space. If you’re looking for a clean and modern look, have your wood stained in black, matte black or white. For a natural look, choose plain and sanded, or made from blonde wood, light or dark walnut, cherry, light oak or mahogany. These finished products are stunning, particularly when constructed as a specialized hanger with silver or gold clasps and/or wires.

Specialized Holders

Speaking of specialized, when customized or built for specific use, these wood clothes hangers will properly store coats, dresses, jackets, kids clothing, lingerie, pants, shirts, skirts or suits. Elements such as cushion insert clips and padded dowels offer you the correct way to hang your garments so they remain in wearing condition while stored away – no more wrinkling! Retailers benefit from the variety of ways they can display clothes for sale to boost customer interest the minute they walk into the store.

Saved Storage Space

If you have a smaller closet or too much clothes, storing your garments on the right wooden hangers can save you storage space. For example, suit hangers are designed to hold the slacks, vest and jacket, which stores three garments together instead of separately in your closet. This saves you space, as does hanging the rest of your clothing on their designated holder. If you purchase flat wood clothes hangers instead of the curved kind, you’ll gain even more scooting room on the closet bar without mussing up your clothing.

Customized Options

Finally, why buy the same wooden hangers everybody else has? That’s not only boring, but it doesn’t give you a chance to express yourself. Custom order your clothes holders in the size you want, the style you want, the wood you want and in the perfect color. Then, have your name, your store’s name or whatever you desire etched on the wood underneath the hook for added personalization. This works well if you have kids sharing a closet, as you can have hangers made in their name to designate which clothing belongs to which child.


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