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It’s no surprise that Italian cuisine is popular across Canada because most of the comfort food items come from this vibrant colourful country in Europe. From delicious pasta dishes to comforting soups such as Minestrone, Chicken Parm Soup, Zuppa Tuscanna and Stracciatella, all these are favourite hits in many homes across Canada. 

Fresh Ingredients for Irresistible Dishes

The only secret behind the deliciousness of Italian food is using fresh ingredients each time! Now it’s easy for you to get your hands on fresh lean ground pork, extra lean ground chicken, fresh tomato purees and other ingredients on your next supermarket trip. Check out the recent flyer from your nearest superstore.

Italian food is oddly satisfying without being too heavy. With rich texture and a unique palette of flavors, it is one of the most popular food cultures around the world. Many of us dream to visit Italy, bask in the bright and warm Tuscan sun, and enjoy a delectable pasta bowl made with fresh ingredients.

What’s in a Traditional Italian Meal

The core elements of any Italian meal include the produce followed by fresh protein. The cuisine itself is a celebration of fresh vegetables and meats combined together providing an irresistible taste. Have you ever wondered what’s in a typical Italian meal?

A traditional Italian meal will begin with a giant bowl of antipasti – which specifically includes vegetables like olives, artichokes, mushrooms, tomatoes and peppercronici. The vegetables are followed by a fine selection of various types of cured meats (salume if you’re in Italy) like soppressata, capicola, prosciutto, salami, mortadella, and bresaola. The meal will then include a pasta dish followed by a light protein, like chicken, leg of lamb, lean pork and lean beef. Tripe and pasta is a popular combination when served with fresh tomato sauce. You can easily find these ingredients in the latest flyer from your nearest superstore at an affordable price. It’s the perfect time to plan your shopping trip!

Secret Starches and Pasta Of course!

Starches are an essential component of traditional Italian foods. Several delicious recipes are made from rice, which includes creamy risotto, ziti, Arborio rice, tortellini and fettuccine. Take a look at the recent flyer from your nearest store to get special discounts on rice, pasta and if you are up for it you can make your own pasta at home so do check out the discounted flour and eggs on the recent flyer.

Find the best pasta from your nearest store at a discount or make your own since it’s the quintessential Italian dish that everyone loves! Did you know that making your own pasta is easy and does not require special chef skills? All you need is flour, olive oil, eggs, salt and water. You can put all these ingredients in a food processor whirl it until a soft dough forms. Our tip is to stop when the dough starts to pull off from the sides of the processing bowl. If you feel the dough is too sticky, add more flour or if it’s too dry and hard simply add more water and you’re done! Get your favourite pasta at a discount by checking the most recent flyer from leading stores.