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If you own or are in charge of the marketing of a law firm or a company that deals with a business of a similar nature, your marketing strategy might not be at the forefront of your mind. If you already have a loyal client base that brings a return on your investment, that of course is valuable and should be maintained. However, if you are at a point where you are hoping for growth and expansion, it would be worth revising your marketing strategy. If you wish to see major growth in the competitive legal market it would be wise to gain new business and gain as much exposure as possible. How you market your business is more important than most people consider, but with online means of reaching an endless number of potential clients, the opportunities are endless. 


Why Is Marketing Important For A Legal Firm?

Marketing for any business offering goods or services is essential for the success and growth of a company. A good network of clients will mean you will see your profits grow yearly, and any investments into your business will see a profitable return on investment. Even with a law firm for example, even though you are not offering your services on the website the main objective of your marketing strategy would be to get as many inquiries about the services as possible. Driving traffic to your website is the easiest way to achieve this and there is now a multitude of digital marketing strategies that encourage this online activity from prospective clients.

If you are looking to invest more time into your marketing strategy, make sure you are not investing your time and money carelessly. You should set smart goals and targets you wish to gain from prioritising this, rather than allowing a third party to manage this whilst telling you what they can do and under-delivering.

The most important thing for any business, including those in the legal sector, is that you need to diversify your offering as you never know what might happen. If you select to only do LinkedIn Ads for example, and then the account gets blocked or the platform worsens, something that you are completely reliant on for the success of your business will be completely taken away. So, you should make sure that you do a variety of different marketing, from SEO to PPC, social media ads, email marketing and so on, so you aren’t restricting your income streams to just one. This is the best piece of advice we can give! 


Things To Consider :

Desired Goals 

You should first start by defining your goals. For example, are you looking to increase your inquiry rate by 40% in your first year of implementation? Or perhaps are you more focused on your return on investment rate? Maybe you already have a great client basis but you are simply looking to elevate your brand’s exposure and values to the public. Make your objectives and goals clear in the beginning, and keep modifying them as you progress and reach new levels of success.  


Service Type 

Make it clear as to what genre of legal service you are offering. If clients are referred to your website through your marketing strategies and your specialty is not specified, the bounce rate of your website will be high. You need to be clear on your niche. For example, are you legal aid for families going through a divorce, or are you a fraud practitioner helping people get their investments back from cryptocurrency scams?


Pricing With Potential Promotion 

Price can be one of the biggest deciding factors as to whether people will do business with you or with a different practice. Of course in the legal world, you wouldn’t necessarily be looking for a ‘good deal’ with such sensitive topics being dealt with, but perhaps you might offer a referral scheme to existing customers if they recommend the firm. Some discounts or extra services might be a good way to gain new clients, but make sure you decide from the beginning on any sort of promotions.


Strategies : 


If you are yet to learn about the value of SEO, there is a lot to learn if you own a business with a website. SEO (search engine optimization) essentially can increase your website’s exposure online and help with its visibility to the most relevant prospective clients. SEO can be quite technical so we would recommend outsourcing the work or hiring an in-house team to manage this side of things, but any business of the modern age needs to be implementing this strategy. 

Search Advertising 

Just one extension of SEO is search advertising which essentially is another way to drive paid traffic to your website. You use this by creating an online advertising campaign either through PPC (pay-per-click) or Google Advertising. Both follow a similar premise, in which you pay per each click of users who view your advertisement, therefore driving traffic to the website. This is a great strategy for exposure, however, you do have to pay for the service in addition to the inquiries that are not always guaranteed. 

Website Optimization

As mentioned in the above strategies, the main objectives are to drive traffic to your website. If your website is built for a great and easy user experience, and it is also mobile friendly, you should expect less bounce rate of your website and in some cases more inquiries. Your website being optimized should be the first thing that is improved for your online marketing strategy if you wish to see optimal results. Your website should have as much useful information as possible, rather than looking spammy and highly saturated with irrelevant content.

Client Reviews

Client reviews and testimonials are a valuable way to create a good impression on prospective clients. People often feel more inclined to work with a business that has great testimonials and describes the service as bespoke. You should offer case studies on your website for people to see, and also google and trust pilot reviews should be monitored. Encourage existing clients to write great feedback if they have valued your services.


Your marketing strategy should be considered the most important factor if you are looking to gain new clients. Gaining new clients will mean the growth of your company which any successful law firm should hope for. Helping clients reach your website and learn your brand values and services are the basics of any successful marketing strategy, which many businesses still have not mastered. Become more advanced than your competitors and prioritise your marketing strategy.