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What is nature? By my definition it is the biology of life. The part of life development beyond our control. The sperm and the egg meet as this does lead to the conception of some form of life. As in biology all species are very much the same after conception. The egg divides and the gene of whatever species begins to dictate the animal. Will it be a fish, cat, wolf, bird, or a human being? We all come from the same beginnings. When I say we, I am talking about the animal kingdom.

As a stay at home mom for the past eight years I know, I haven’t missed anything with my children. I have three children ages eight, five, and four. Many times when conversation is spoken about missing something it’s, “Oh I saw my child’s first steps.”

Stay at Home Moms Do Compare

That’s not the missing I’m speaking of. I’m speaking of missing a child’s need in the moment. Our needs change as we age. Our needs will change until we are placed in the grave. When you’re a stay at home mom, those needs are most certainly spotted. By no means am I stating this as a put down to those who choose to work, or feel as though there is a greater sense of purpose outside the house. I am glad you’ve found your purpose. I know the purpose I have found by deciding to stay with my children until they reach school age. I have decided not to place my life over to someone else to raise and teach by his or her standards. I have decided to be the captain for my children, where they can turn and see me steering the wheel of our ship of home. Their father out on the fishing boat searching for food and clothing.

It most certainly does fit in the dynamics of nature. This is nature’s way, that of the birds. No, we’re not birds. But we all started off looking as any other animal. Again nature doesn’t have a lot of obstacles, it’s not tricky, and there are rules. Rules must be followed to rear success.

Turn the world news on any of main broadcast channels, you will see what happens when nature has gone array. Stay at home moms most certainly do compare in this course of life. Far more than most are willing to admit. Those of us who choose this course, there are not any needed words, just look at your baby’s cheek and kiss it. You do know, you know.