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Olympus LS-100 has various inputs, outputs and features which make it a pocket sized recording studios. Over the last five years, there have been major developments in consumer electronics. This is based on the premise that consumers increasingly need convenient electronic items. Many companies are thus spending a lot of money to come up with gadgets with various features. In the 1980’s Olympus introduced the Peralcorder L400 which was the smallest recorder ever made. Since them micro cassettes have been replaced by memory chips which carry a lot of content. In addition to that, phone companies are churning out phones with audio recorders. These recorders are instrumental in taking videos, pictures, phone calls and playing games among others. Besides being a portable recording device, the Olympus LS-100 has a host of other features.

Quality recoding
The LS-100 has the ability of capturing audio up to a wave length of about 96 kHz/ 24. Besides that, an individual has the option of dropping the quality of various WAV files up to 44.1 kHz which is CD quality. At this rate, the recorder can store five hours of audio in the inbuilt 4GB memory. At 96 kHz/24 bit, this recorder can store recordings for about one and a half hours. It is important to note that the LS-100 comes with a SD card slot which can accommodate a 64 GB SD XC for more storage. One can also record MP3 files using this audio recorder.

Multi track recording
An individual can record an entire album using the LS-100. It is important to note that this device can store up to 999 tacks when it is in the 44.1 kHz/16 modes. Besides that, one may edit 8 tracks at a time. After editing, you may bounce the tracks into one track thus freeing the other 7 tracks for editing and recoding.

Long life battery
The LS-100 runs on a 12 hour lithium ion battery. This battery runs for a long time. Secondly, it is worth noting that this battery charges up quickly.

Adjustable microphone gain
The Olympus LS-100 comes with an adjustable microphone gain and a manual / auto input level adjustment. This allows the individual to adjust the input level irrespective of the type of microphone being used.

This device has the ability of taking the readings from two different microphones. Moreover, the recorder adjusts polar patterns which are responsible for time delay while recording.

Multiple inputs
The LS- 100 is fitted with two built in microphones for each stereo channel. In addition to that, users of this recorder have the option of using musical instruments and outboard microphones. The two XLR ¼ inch inputs in the bottom of the recorder allow one to use XLR microphone cables. Alternatively, one may consider using Speakon connectors or 1/4 inch TRS plugs. Thirdly, one may consider using a 1/8 inch input jack on the left side of the Olympus LS-100 for small microphones and other devices.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of the LS-100 is its performance. This recorder can be used in various areas with different noises. It so follows that the LS-100 is handy for film makers, samplers, bird watchers and Foley artists among others. This recorder is also effective in high sound pressure level environments. A distinctive feature of the LS-100 is that it picks up every sound uttered.

The Olympus LS-100 is a perfect recording device. This can be attributed to the fact that the device has long battery life, good sound quality and extra features. On the flipside, the recorder’s screen is small.

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