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If you had a dream bedroom, you must have thought about what your kitchen would look like as well, right? Imagine purchasing your first home in Elliot Springs housing community by Lendlease – an ideal community in Australia for everyone. You have finished designing some of the rooms in the house, now you focus on the kitchen. Just thinking about a marble island in the middle of the kitchen where new pans hang above. Cream coloured tiles along the walls and high-quality kitchen appliances ready to be used.

But the reality of it is, we cannot splurge whenever we want to just to achieve our dream kitchen. It needs lots of consultations with professionals and we will have to make sure that it is built with only the best materials available. So for some of us, it might take a while to turn our fantasy kitchen styles into reality.

Do not worry though, because there are cost-effective ways to improve the kitchen. Here are low-cost kitchen improvement techniques that will make cooking meals in your kitchen enjoyable.

Have better lighting in the kitchen for a more comfortable vibe

We spend most of our time in places where lighting is not a problem. Our living room allows in as much natural light in the morning and we have used only cool colours for our bedrooms. We do this because these make us feel more comfortable. The same thing applies to kitchens; if the lighting is not sufficient and the paint is dark, cooking would feel like a dull task.

Check your light fixtures if it gives sufficient lighting in the kitchen, change it something brighter if it does not. Make sure that natural light can come in the kitchen. Lastly, consider repainting the kitchen to a colour that is lighter and would complement the natural light that comes in every morning.

Do not replace kitchen sets all at once

If you are working on a budget, do not splurge on hardware and appliances all at the same time; do this gradually. You can focus on the pans first, and then on cutting boards until you have reached the more expensive items in your kitchen. This will ensure that you would not have run out of money to spend at one given time and can allow you to plan which items you will be purchasing.

Replace or repaint old cabinet doors

See if your cabinet doors need redoing and decide whether you can replace them with new ones or just have them repainted. Old cabinet doors will make the kitchen look bleak, and this might be one of the reasons why even if better lighting, the kitchen still looks a bit bland. Consider using cool and light colours with the doors, too. The reason behind this is it makes the room look airy and bigger. While dark paint is aesthetically pleasing, if it is not used correctly, it can make your kitchen feel smaller than it is.

Decorate with your style preference

With decorating, you do not need expensive items to achieve the style that you want. You can start off with an item that represents your style preference. For instance, some people want to be surrounded by unexpected and unusual items, so they would look for vintage items and put them in rooms as decorations. You can do the same thing with the kitchen. When you are out, look for an item that resonates with you. Do not think about if it will fit the kitchen environment, as long as you like looking at it, then you should use it as decoration.

The important thing is being comfortable in the kitchen because much of the work done on your house anyways should always have that in mind. If you are not comfortable in your own room or, in this case, your own kitchen, then even if you are able to achieve the perfect and expensive kitchen, you will still feel like there is something missing.


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