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If you think you are ready to come up with some great keywords for your search engine optimization by getting the newest research tool and start writing some random keywords, you are wrong. The bad thing with this approach is that your competitors are doing the same. We are going to cover some keyword research advice that will help you out.

Identify your customer personality

The major thing you should know is that tools for keyword research ignore a very important fact about your customers. Approximately 99.8% of your customers time isn’t spent on searching for what you are selling. By only focusing on your clients when they are searching for the same thing you are selling, your chances are getting lower and lower to get them to notice you. If you want to have more knowledge about targeted marketing, click here. You can check the forums where your customers usually hang out. That way you can see what are they searching for. Key is to find something related to your products or service that they are looking for. Houston SEO services offer the best SEO services that can help you out with targeting customers, and improving your overall ranking.

Find customer topics

If you want to look for topics that your users are interested in, you should visit the place where your targeted customers are hanging out the internet. After you find them, check for things that they are talking about. For example, if you are selling sports equipment, your customers will hang out on sports forums, or fitness related communities. You can find them on well-known sites like Reddit, Youtube, Pinterest. Once you have figured out where your targeted customers are hanging out, it is time to look for the topics that are important to them. For sport related, you can see that they are divided depending on the sport.

Keyword idea generation

There are some many ways for finding on-tap keywords that your competitors don’t know about. One of them is Google Suggest. To use this strategy, just head over to Google and type your topic into the search field, the thing is not to press enter, but to take a look at what is Google suggesting for you. These keywords are great, long keywords that you can try for your website. You can also try to put few spaces in front of your keyword. This will help you generate new keyword ideas. is the next tool you can use. Quora is a community you are looking for full of people that ask and answer questions on every topic you can think of. Only thing you have to do is to search for your topic on Quora and see what pops up. Next tactic for finding keywords is to use Reddit. Like, Quora, Reddit is a large community of users that can provide you every topic you wish for. To use Reddit for keyword research, simply head over to Reddit and try searching for your topic. When you discover a lead on your topic, what you have to do is to look for phrases that are repeating over and over.

We also have Google’s Searches Related To feature. Simply search for your topic on Google. Go to the bottom of the page that comes out, what Google will do is to show you related keywords that can help you coming up with your own. These keywords are long and can help you with targeting your work. For more information about the logic behind keywords, click here.

Search the volume for each keyword

Years ago, it was easier for you to see volume number in the Google KP. For the worse, that was canceled. Today, unless you are having an active AdWords campaign, they will show you search volume range that can’t help you a lot. You can pick one of two tools that can finish the job. First one is SEMrush tool. If you are looking for search volume only type the keyword into search tool, and the tool will show you the volume for 1 month searches. Other one you can use is kwfinder. Same as SEMrush, by typing the keyword in it you will get information about volume of searches.