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Getting a tattoo or getting inked might look traditional in a specific age but might turn into a stain on your image while searching for a work.

A study by proves how a visible tattoo can convert you from a suitable candidate to a non-acceptable applicant. Tattoo and body piercing which has grown as medians of self-expression. However, a visible tattoo can ruin your possibilities to get a job in future. 40% of people aged between 18-29 get inked once in life demolishing their career unknowingly because they believed merit was the exclusive parameter for measurement of their potential.   

Also, according to Prize size, every year approximately 800,000 prisoners are freed from the federal state prison and an estimation of 22% people have a noticeable tattoo. Most commonly these tattoos depict any anti-social activity society or gang-member which make these earlier incarcerated men challenging to land a job for themselves. It doesn’t matter if they are trying to become a good person, the tattoo doesn’t let them be one and they land up in prison repeatedly. This not only increases the weight on State prison budget but also declares to be a waste of productive lives.

The Solution: Laser Treatment

Every year the laser tattoo removal clinics attend 1000’s of patients regularly who regret the tattoo. Nearly 30% of Americans are inked and a whooping 25% have already faced the judgments of society which were based on their tattoo. Now, laser tattoo removal treatment has provided an opportunity to these victims of getting rid of their tattoo’s and return back in their lives.

Inasmuch observed, the two prime reason for fewer people visiting laser treatment clinics were,

  • The fear of side effects that these skin treatments have on the skin.
  • The expensive cost of treatment for tattoo removal.   

Laser tattoo removal treatment has come up with the solution of both problems. Laser treatment has no side effects or minimal side effects compared to conventional tattoo removal treatment. Also, it is much cheaper than other treatments.

How it Works

Laser removal treatment uses high intensity light beam to break the pigments of the tattoo, and the black pigment absorbs all the light beam and gets treated. The other color pigments are treated the same way by using laser beams and selecting the appropriate beam suitable with the particular pigment.

It’s going to be completed in one visit or might take longer depending on various factors like age, sex, and the type of tattoo and colors used.

Tip:Be smart and choose to stay back rather than opting for a tattoo.


With the rise in the no of people getting inked every year in the USA, the observers have also concluded a high rise in the number of those who regret their immature decision and waste of money. According to shoulditattoo the no of people who regret tattoo has increased to 23% in the recent studies,  from 14% in 2012. Hence, it would be wise to consider a second opinion from some expert.

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