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Still staying in a PG and thinking of moving to your own home? Look no further. It is raining homes this monsoon, with different offers and affordable rates at hand, it is more than easy for you to shift to your new home and meet new people and enjoy the rainy season. Let us take a quick look as to why this is the best time to shift to your own apartment this monsoon.

  1. To be independent

No doubt staying in a PG makes you independent but it is a different feeling to manage a home. Give yourself that experience that makes you learn how to manage finances, buy your own groceries, cook for yourself, and enjoy. This also helps you take your own decisions, which makes you independent in your life.

  1. To feel like you are returning back home

If you are staying away from home, then you tend to feel nostalgic and miss home. This specially happens if you are staying in a PG. So plan to move out of your PG and get the home feeling back in your life by moving in your own apartment, this monsoon. Also, you can cook for yourself, so that you feel like you are eating the same food made at your home.

  1. To find new family

When you live together and start helping each other, you tend to accept your roommate/flat mate as your family. This generally happens when you stay together in a flat and share some nice memories with each other. Hence, try to find this new family, which would be away from your own family, so that you do not miss your home.

  1. To enjoy living

When it comes to PG, it mostly happens that we have only 1 or 2 people to talk to and live with, however things become different in a home. There would be more than 2 people living together, sharing expenses, sharing feelings, sharing food and creating memories. This is the way we live life at home, and it would be the same in a rented flat. Hence, look no further and rent a flat this monsoon.

  1. To Save Cost

We think staying in a PG is less costly than staying in a home. However, what if you get a home at the same cost as that of a PG? We are sure you would want to move in to create memories and to save money as well. Hence, choose a NestAway home, where we give you a completely furnished home with great people to live in, that make you feel less nostalgic.

These are the five major reasons why you should move to your own apartment this monsoon. Also, at NestAway, we give discounts on home rent, which helps to save money.


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