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How would you go about choosing the right Super Visa Insurance for your parents. Super Visa Insurance is an authentic option which enables a smooth visit of the parents or grandparents to their families living in Canada. This Super Visa Insurance remains valid for 2 years without any renew required.

Market is so competitive these days and every other insurance company is equipped with their own wide range of plans to offer on the plate to you. You should go for the plan which meets all your requirements and fits in your budget. In this article, it has been tried to make the things simple and make you understand as how to choose the best Super Visa Insurance plan for your Parents.

Requirements for Super Visa Insurance:

The first and foremost requirement is: you must be the parent or grandparent of a citizen of Canada and you must be allowed to enter Canada. Also, to get the Super Visa Insurance, you must have a valid private medical insurance, issued from a Canadian insurance company. This insurance must be valid for at least 1 year and must provide a cover of: healthcare, hospitalization & repatriation, a minimum coverage of $100,000. Super Visa insurance allows multiple entries for up to 10 years. To apply for an extended stay in Canada make sure you do it before the expiry date.

If you are inviting your parents or grandparents to visit you in Canada, you will be required to provide a written letter regarding you providing financial support to your parents and grandparents during their stay in Canada and your income proof documents as supportive papers.

Coverage of the Plan:

You should always look out for the coverage enlisted in the details of the plan section. Keep a close look on the various benefits listed and the amount apportioned to them because those are the factors which will play their role when the Super Visa Insurance comes to real help. You need to make sure that if an unfortunate event of death arises while your trip to Canada, your loved ones are safe and are not facing any trouble. Always be very much acquainted with the claim and refund process as people generally go for buying any insurance plan but do not pay much attention to these sections which are equally important as the benefits mentioned. In a nut shell be thorough about the policy and its terms implied and in case of doubt do a double check to make you stay happy and peaceful.

Do a thoughtful Research before Buying Any Plan:

With a bloom of so many insurance companies in this sector, many players have entered this market. Research on company’s credibility as to whether they accomplish the settlements or not, they timely hear to your call or not etc. You should always check for the fact that how long they have been into business to avoid the chances of them going solvent.



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