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The hiring process is time-consuming and often exhausting, as you want to find the perfect person or people on the first go-round. Learning how to weed out applicants is therefore essential when hiring your next rock-star inventor, so if beginning the process soon, check out a few tips for making it easier on yourself:

A Dynamite Cover Letter

The arguably first thing you’ll read from a potential applicant is their cover letter. Find cover letters that truly speak to you, whether because so well-written, creative, or both. Boring, cookie-cutter cover letters that don’t impress…well, the person behind the letter probably isn’t what you want. Sift through applications by choosing cover letters that “grab you” and hold your attention. Those are the inventors you want to meet!

How To Weed Out Applicants

An Impressive, Straightforward Resume

After reading an applicant’s cover letter, you’ll likely move on to the person’s resume. A clean, organized resume with a clear objective and detailed work experience is what to look for. If the resume appears outdated or otherwise sloppy, move on.

A Fantastic Interview

Keep in mind most interviewees are going to be a little nervous, so don’t fault someone worthwhile for having jitters in the first few minutes of speaking with you. Instead, get a sense of the person’s passion and vision–does he or she seem excited and energetic about what they do? Is the inventor eager to share ideas and goals? What about persistence? Ask the interviewee about how they came up with their last invention and why they knew it would be a success. This should give you a keen sense of the person’s persistence, as well as self-confidence and ability to take risks. A self-motivated individual open to feedback is also a way of dividing the good from the bad.

From cover letter to actual interview, you should get a clear sense of the person you’re dealing with and why they want to work for your company. Remember to “go with your gut” as well–if you sense the person won’t fit, you’re probably right!

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