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Are you thinking about planning a vacation in the hills during the summer months? Well, then Manali is one of the best options that you can think of opting for to visit. It is pretty easily accessible by virtue of being located near Delhi, and it is a great destination when travelling with friends.

How to Plan your Travel

There are two options that you can go for when planning your trip to Manali. You can either plan it out with your friends on your own or you can always opt for a manali tour package from Ahmedabad. While for the latter you will not have to worry about anything but paying the money, for the former you will have to plan everything on your own including your accommodation, itinerary as well as your means of travel. In fact you can choose your tour package based on the mode of transport that you wish to employ when going on your trip.

Ways of reaching Manali from Ahmedabad

There are actually ā€˜nā€™ numbers of ways to travel to Manali from Ahmedabad. While there are some really pocket friendly deals there are a few which will be quite a pinch on your pocket but extremely comfortable. Let us take a look at the various means of travelling to Manali:

  • If you and your friends have a car at your disposal then you can always take that to Manali. By road the distance between Ahmedabad, Gujarat to Manali is about 1500kms which will roughly take you about 30 hours. While a 30 hour straight drive will be too hectic, you will have to take stops in between, preferably an overnight one on the way. Road trips can be really fun if you are keen on driving and follow all the safety rules. You can also hire a car and do the same, but then the cost will go up by leaps and bounds.
  • The most comfortable way to travel to Manali from Ahmedabad is by taking a flight from the city to Delhi. There you can stay the night or if the flight time is appropriate then you can board a bus after you reach Delhi. There are plenty of buses that traverse to and fro from Delhi and Manali and hence finding one will not be difficult at all. The bus fares are pretty nominal but the flight fares will definitely cost quite a bit. You can save up on that too if you plan and book your tickets about 6 months ago.
  • Another very economical way of travelling to Delhi from Ahmedabad is by taking a train. Opt for the express trains so that you have minimum number of stops along the way. Once you reach Delhi, you will have to repeat the same drill of getting a bus to Manali. There is no direct train to Manali and hence the best way would always be to make a stop in Delhi.

Now that you know the various ways through which you can travel to Manali from Ahmedabad, pack your bags and head out with your friends!