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Every time you visit your barber, there is a lot to think about. Starting off with general style and length, you have to think about the sideburns, texture and many other things. There are certain details that you need to clear out with your barber before your appointment in order to make sure that you get the exact same style you came in looking for. In such scenarios, a few things may remain unconsidered and you have to decide what you want to do about them at the run time. One of these details is to know what you really want done with your neckline.

Best hair clippers for men can be the best solution of a man to define his neckline. The manuals and how to use guide provided with the clippers can be enough to answer your question.

Hair present at your neck’s nape has the ability to either make or break your overall haircut. Choosing the wrong neckline may cause a disaster. Therefore you need to make a wise decision here. So in order for you to make the right choice, a few details on various options available on account of necklines are discussed below for your convenience.

According to a famous barber who belongs to a high end salon, there are three main choices to choose from when you are looking for a nice neckline. These include tapered, rounded and blocked/ squared necklines. Blocked or squared necklines are the ones that are cut across your neck while rounded necklines possess the same style except they do not have the corners. Tapered necklines on the other hand follow the natural hairline of your neck and then get shorter in a gradual fashion. The above mentioned three neckline options are used for almost every haircut. Deciding which neckline suits you the best is entirely up to you while taking some advice from your barber won’t hurt either.

While you are looking for the right neckline, you need to make an assessment about two key factors. First of all, you need to figure out how long would it take for you to make it to the next haircutting appointment as certain options age at a faster pace between cuts. For instance, if you go with a hard line like a rounded or a squared neckline, it will show a faster growth. So in case you are not willing to visit your barber any time soon, it is recommended to go for the tapered style as it grows better.

The second thing you need to consider while getting a neckline is to get something that is appropriate according to your neck size. In case you have a large neck, it is better to go for a squared neck line. On the other hand, rounded neck lines are better suited for shorter necks. If you plan on going otherwise, you need to understand that a squared neckline makes you neck smaller while a rounded one exposes more skin in order to make your neck look bigger. Therefore, it is highly recommended to go for the above mentioned formula in order to get the right symmetry.

Another thing to consider is to be sure of how to keep a neat and tidy neckline between different hair cutting appointments. You have to understand the fact that DIY barbering is not the right solution for this issue. Therefore it is not recommended at all. You need to leave your neck alone and let someone who knows their work handle it. You can visit a barber shop and get you neck cleaned up a bit between different haircuts. Doing it on your own may mess it up entirely while making it harder for the barber to maintain it the right way. Most importantly, you might also happen to look like a dork.

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