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First thing is first, we need to define what Virtual Private Server hosting or VPS hosting is. Simply put, VPS hosting is like having a big server that contains another server within.

Hosting Using A VPS Hosting Provider

How does it Work?

The first thing that you will need is a VPS hosting provider. This will lead to hosting a website with its very own cyber server that is located inside a much powerful location. This location comes in the form of a hardware that is subdivided into sections with a server program set up for each of these sections to operate them. This results in the sections functioning on its own without depending on the others.

The truth is that other websites will be hosted by the VPS hosting provider in the same hardware. However, your website will be assigned to a certain section of the hardware with your own server assigned to it. This may come in the form of a CPU, RAM etc. With this sectioning system, your website will be solely functioning and will not be affected by the other websites in the hardware because they also have their own server assigned to them. This means that you will get your money’s worth regarding the services that you are paying for.

The one thing that sets VPS hosting apart from any other hosting is the privacy it offers. With this in mind, you can actually maximize the use of the server assigned to your website. However, you are still actually sharing a RAM, frequency, disk storage space and RAM with the other websites located in the other sections of the host. Despite this reality, you will be able to enjoy the solo service of the server assigned to you with just about all of the benefits that you get from a dedicated server. In a way, you are actually using a dedicated server but at a much reasonable rate. Aside from this, you get maximum speed and better computing response compared to using a host that is shared.

Advantages of using a VPS hosting provider

A lot of websites use a shared hosting provider. This is perfectly okay. However, this type of hosting has a lot of limitations with it. Although it does have its own advantages like it is very easy to handle, it is a lot cheaper and is very easy to operate, but to compare it to VPS hosting will definitely expose its limitations.

  1. It can handle very heavy web traffic.  Heavy traffic is always a welcome to any website because it means more opportunities. By using a VPS hosting provider, you will not experience any limitations to the number of traffic your website will get. You do not have to spend time watching out for your physical traffic and worry about overloading.
  2. It is more reliable and definitely provides more security. With this being offered by a VPS hosting provider, your website will be provided with better back-ups since it has a lot more space to offer. Its’ ability to monitor every operation happening within your section and inside your website is scrutinized to its most minute details. It also offers the most advanced security programs for a hosting site.

It allows you to have full control of your site. This means that you are not restricted in performing modifications to your site.