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The level of competition to clear medical entrance examinations countrywide is consistently becoming intense for the aspirants. In this situation, merely studying Class XII with Biology, Physics and Chemistry or pursuing any other similar course is not sufficient for students to clear AIPMT or get admission in reputed medical colleges of India. In fact, with the consistent increase in numbers of aspirants, students choose to prepare well and possess the ability to deal with exam pressure and to give their best performance in medical entrance exams.

Hence, with the help of this article, experienced doctors and toppers of AIPMT Exam have discussed the details about important things to consider for clearing the entrance test with excellence.

When to Start with the Preparation

Aspirants of AIPMT should start their preparation when they reach XI standard. Many individuals consider it as best time to start with the preparation process for medical and dental entrance examinations, as syllabus for such exams is more or less similar to the one available for higher secondary students with Bio-Science stream.

Stay Familiar with Exam Pattern

Once you make your mindset to start with preparation for medical/dental entrance test, it is essential for you to collect detailed information about basic examination pattern of All India Pre-Medical Entrance Test. According to medical exam toppers, the examinational pattern has few important aspects as following:-

  • Language of the entrance test will be available in both languages i.e. Hindi and English
  • Applicants of All Indiamedical entrance examination have to pass to get the opportunity of pursuing MBBS or Dental education in top colleges of India.
  • All India Pre-Dental Entrance Test or Pre-Medical Test question paper consists of four different sections, where there will be 180 questions in the form of Multiple choice questions, 45 each for Chemistry and Physics, and 90 questions for Biology (45 botany +45 Zoology). Hence, the entrance examination consistent of 180 reasoning and objective type questions in total.
  • Each question comes with four choices, where student will receive 4 marks for marking correct choice, while 1 mark will be deducted in case of marking each wrong answer.

Key Strategies to Apply for Preparation Process

After you collect details about syllabus and examination pattern, you have to start with the actual preparation. For this, you should follow few key strategies, like

Focus on Short-Term Goals

Although, students should study with the long-term goal to complete the syllabus before the scheduled date of All India Pre-Medical Entrance Test; they should give their prime focus on various short-term goals. In other words, applicants should take baby steps to complete the vast syllabus. For this, one should avoid planningbig schedule in advance; instead, he or she should make small study plans say only for a single day or a week. In addition, students should set realistic targets on weekly basis and keep a track on their progress at the end of one week.

Avoid Buying Lot of Books Available in the Market

Majority of students commit a common mistake of buying large numbers of books, guides and solved papers available in the market for preparation of AIPMT Exam. Hence, in order to give them right direction, experts recommended them to go through popular and easily-understandable NCERT books thoroughly and refer only 1 or 2 other book for every subject to develop expertise in solving numerical and avail of some basic knowledge about any specific topic.

Clearing Fundamentals-The Top Priority

Students should essentially give their major concern to clear concepts and fundamentals before moving ahead to depth of any specific topic or subject.

Lastly the students should prepare a progress report for tracking their progress and study accordingly.